25[No. 429: Specification for the Building of a Steel Screw Steamship with Triple Expansion Engines, Adelaide Steamship Company, 1907. University of Glasgow Archives, UCS3/11/31]


83.--Social Hall

The ends and sides to be handsomely panelle in hardwood; the ceiling to be panelled with bay mahogany, and ornamental lincrusta or embossed leather laid on, as may be arranged; where required the panels or casings are to be made portable for pipes and electric wires. Sample piecdes showing the designs to be submitted for approval. To be fitted with sofa seats, having scrolled or plain arms as directed, all heavily upholstered.

Two handsome writing tables, with electro-plated mountings, and a chair for each of them; two handsome book cases, with carved cabinets underneath at after end; six small tables and six chairs; four very substantial arm-chairs. A piano to be supplied by Broadwood or Collard and Collard, or other approved maker.

A piano stool to seat two, with locker; also music stand. A mirror to be fitted on each side of the fore end, also one on each side of bookcase at after end, to be the best English plate, with bevel edges.

All the furniture to be solid walnut, French polished, and finished in best style.

The well in centre, with pillars supporting the roof, to be of ornamental design, panelled all round for a height of three feet, finished with a hardwood rail of polished sycamore on top, all to conform with the rest of the apartment.

The whole decorative design, with sample pieces, to be submitted for approval.