2["S.S. Koombana", Geraldton Guardian (WA), Tuesday 16 March 1909, page 2]




Considerable surprise and regret was expressed in Geraldton to-day, when the news got about that the fine new steamer Koombana, which was so much admired on the occasion of her first visit to Geraldton on Saturday, was aground at Sharks Bay.

The news was contained in an official message from Sharks Bay to the Geraldton Postmaster, received to-day, and read as follows:--

Koombana grounded 14 miles out 7 a.m. on Monday. Mails landed at 2.30 p.m. Weather hazy. Unable see steamer yesterday. Haze cleared this morning; vessel now in sight through glasses; still aground. Local seamen are of opinion that Koombana will probably remain aground four days at least.

Mr. George Baston, who knows the waters of Sharks Bay well, states that owing probably to the hazy weather, Captain Reece has not hit Harrison Head channel, or in getting out of the channel, has got on to shoal water to the north. No danger need be entertained, as the bottom is soft sand and seaweed. She may have to wait for the new moon spring tide, which will give the vessel about 5ft. more water. The locality is protected by the Harrison Head land, and if that is the point of her grounding, then, Koombana is comparatively as safe as if she was anchored in Geraldton harbour. There is some fine fishing in this channel, and the passengers should have no difficulty in amusing themselves for four or five days.