29[The Adjustment of General Average per "Koombana" S.S., on a voyage to north west ports of Western Australia, insurance calculation and apportionment following grounding of Koombana at Shark Bay in March 1909, Holmes & Neill, Average Adjusters, Sydney, 18 July 1910. Battye Library Archives, 2216A, includes extract of Koombana's log]

1909 15th March

7.25am Vessel grounded at Sharks Bay in 13 feet water with list to starboard. Crew employed 9am to Noon running stream anchor from starboard bow with 100 fathoms wire. Soundings round ship - 14 feet port bow deepening gradually to 19 feet under port quarter 17 feet starboard deepending gradually to 19 feet starboard quarter. Vessel evidently lying on a bank of sand under port bilge. Quoin Bluff bearing N 87 W true. Middle Bar Flat buoy S 44 1/2 E - 1pm Started to discharge Shark's Bay cargo into Lighter. Emptied No.2 port tank fresh water 5pm finished discharging cargo and cast off Lighter 5.30pm Hove away stream anchor and used engines to try and float ship but was unsuccessful. Least water under ship 14'6" - 6pm stopped engines no alteration in soundings. Carried away four oars when carrying out stream anchor.

16th ...

Fresh to strong breeze and choppy sea. No alteration in soundings 5.22am made another attempt to float ship unsuccessfully, using engines and stream anchor. 6.3am finished with engines hands employed picking out and restowing cargo on main deck: shifting fruit from island house to freezer for preservation.

17th March

Fresh to strong SSW breeze and lumpy sea. Hands employed hoisting and securing lifeboat assisting to motor boat. Sounding round ship re Tanks and wells sounded at intervals. No movement or motion in ship, tide very irregular and showing less rise. Highest water 1/2 hour after first of ebb probably due to strong S.S.W. breeze. 11.30pm Called all hands and hoisted motor launch out of water

18th ...

Fresh to strong S.S.W. breeze and clear 1.30am Made another unsuccessful attempt to float ship using ship's engines and stream anchor. 1.44am Finished [line missing] in boats and sounding tanks and wells at frequent intervals. No motion in ship.


Fresh to strong SSW breeze. 6am Sounded West of ship and found 3 1/2 to 5 fathoms. Hands employed lowering and hoisting boats, preparing gear and stripping hatches for the discharge of cargo. 2.15pm S.S. "Winfield" arrived alongside and made fast. 3pm Started to discharge cargo from No.2 into "Winfield" hands working cargo right through, one hour for tea, half hour for supper. Tanks sounded at frequent intervals.


Fresh to strong SSW breeze. 7.30am Tried to move ship with "Winfield" alongside using both ships engines 7.40am Stopped engines and resumed discharging cargo. 11.36 to 11.50am Moved both ships engines but had no movement in ship and no change in soundings. Cast off "Winfield" and passed wire hawser on board from starboard quarter 1.30 pm "Winfield" lying with both anchors down attempted to tow ship off sandbank using both ships engines with no success and decided to await morning tide. No Change in soundings - 6" hauling line carried away while hauling hawser on board the "Winfield" Tanks and wells sounded at frequent intervals.

21st March

Strong SSW breezed with lumpy sea 2.30am "Winfield" started towing using both ships engines. Started coir spring on hawser, hove wire on board and found some badly kinked 3.30 am Finished with engines, no alteration in soundings. Hands employed running lines and passing hawser on board "Winfield" 1.50pm "Winfield" started towing, using both ships engines as required. 2pm Finished with engines, no movement in ship and no alteration in soundings.

22nd ...

1am Made another attempt to move ship. "Winfield" towing on starboard quarter as before both ships using engines. 2am Decided to wait till daylight and discharge vessel. 6.30am Cast off hawser, tripped stream anchor and hove it home. 7.30am "Winfield" took the ground slightly while swinging. 8.30am "Winfield" floated off. 9.30am Fast alongside 10am Started to discharge cargo No. 1 into No.4 "Winfield" astern. 9pm Started dischargin Broome cargo from No.1.

23rd September

Strong SSW breeze and clear. Hands working cargo right through. 7am Found Vessel's head had canted 18 deg to port. 9am Tried to move ship with "Winfield" alongisde using both ships engines. 10am Started discharging cargo from No.3 Hold into No. 1 "Winfield" 2pm found "Winfield" with jump of sea and wind on port side was working vessel further on to the bank, cast off "Winfield" and prapared to take hawser on starboard bow. Parted 7" hauling line hanging "Winfield" up on strong wind and tide and destroyed 6" hauling line and half a coil of Manilla through chafe on stem. #pm Hawser on board "Windfield towing with both anchors down. 4pm Finished with engines. 7pm Started to discharge Broome cargo into Lighter, several slings of cargo smashed and damaged through lighter ranging.

24th ...

0.15am Lighter left for "Winfield" 11.30am Lighter returned and started loading her from No.1 O.30pm "Winfield" started towing starboard bow, using both ship's engines. 3pm stopped engines 6" hauling line destroyed while hanging "Winfield" across the tide. 4pm Carried stream anchor out on Lighter from starboard bow with 100 fathoms 3" wire and cast off "Winfield's" hawser Filled No.1 and fore peak ballast tanks. Ship hung on sand bank with fore end afloat.

25th March

Hands employed running lines and hawser to "Winfield" 1pm Finished passing hawser 2.15pm Succeeded in floating ship using engines as required with "Winfield" on starboard quarter. 2.45pm Cast off "Winfield" and waited for her heaving short 4pm Proceeded to deep water. 5pm Brought up with port anchor and 60 fathoms chain in 5 1/2 fathoms water. 5.15pm "Winfield" came alongside. 6pm Started taking in cargo No. 2 orlop deck. 11.45pm Started taking in Port Hedland timber No. 1 Four firemen assisting with cargo.

26th ...

Strong breeze throughout with nasty sea Several slings of cargo damaged throught Vessel ranging. Hands working right through with cargo. Four wicker fenders chewed to pieces through ranging of ships.

27th ...

Hands working throughout 11am Finished cargo No. 2 11.30am "Winfield" swung and shifted gear to work Lighter. 4 Cork fenders rendered useless through range between Vessels 1pm Started taking in cargo ex Lighter. Several cases damaged in ranging of Lighter and lying to windward.

28th March

10.45am Finished all cargo 11.30am Started bunkering.

29th ...

6pm Finished bunkering. 6.15pm Hove up and proceeded to Master's orders.

AB notes:

This excerpt from Koombana's log, included with the insurance assessor's documents, may be the only surviving source of this information.