["Shark Bay Residents Aggrieved at Aspersions on Their Port", The Northern Times (Carnarvon, WA), Saturday 10 April 1909, page 3]

Shark Bay Residents Aggrieved At Aspersions on Their Port"


In Fremantle, also in London, Liverpool, and almost any other port steamers going on the wrong side of a buoy are liable to ground. In conclusion: the extract from your Hedland contemporary being one of inaccuracy throughout, is rendered now more ridiculous from the facts that it is well known Hedland is the weak spot on the coast, is only negotiable at certain tide, and constituted the real anxiety regarding the Koombana.

AB notes:

This relates to the editorial of the Hedland Advocate (20 March 1909),

suggesting that Shark Bay be cut from Koombana's list of calling places.