5a["The Geraldton Harbour", The West Australian, Saturday 15 May 1909, page 12]



Geraldton, May 14.

The grounding of the fine Nor'-West steamer when coming alongside the Geraldton jetty yesterday furnishes a powerful argument in favour of dredging being carried out. On account of the steamer Largo Law being berthed on the west side of the pier, the Koombana made for the less frequently used eastern berth, and took the ground. As the west side is more frequently used the scour of the steamers keep the water deeper on that side. However, the gauge on both sides of the jetty showed 21 feet, while the Koombana was drawing only 19 feet. After fully an hour's delay the Koombana was not able to get within 8ft. of the side of the jetty, and it was with difficulty that the cargo was landed.

Among nautical men the difference between the depth registered by the gauge and the actual depth is accounted for by the ground swell experienced during the last few days. Soundings taken on the previous visit of the Koombana showed that an hour and a half after high-water there was 19 feet of water 400 feet from the end of the jetty, deepening to 20 feet at the extreme end, while the gauge showed 22 feet.

5b[Minutes of Adelaide Steamship Company directors' meeting, Wednesday 19 May 1909, Noel Butlin Archives Centre, 0186/Z535 Box 12]


s.s. "Koombana."

Secretary reported that this steamer was examined by a diver at Fremantle, who had reported that the bottom was not damaged. Opportunity will be taken while lying aground at Broome to have a careful survey made. The steamer left Fremantle going north on 12th instant, and from press reports she was aground at Geraldton on 14th instant.