38a["General News", The Hedland Advocate (Port Hedland, WA), Saturday 26 June 1909, page 3]


s.s. Koombana

Consequent upon having touched an uncharted rock off Gantheaume Point, near Broome, this boat has proceeded east for docking. Immediately she has been repaired she will return to the Nor'-West trade. The Fremantle office of the A. S. Coy. states that the rumours to the effect that the boat was not returning to the trade are untrue. The striking of this rock but emphasises the necessity for a speedy and thorough survey of this coast, and also is another evidence of the need for a dock in W.A.

38b["The Koombana", The Hedland Advocate (Port Hedland, WA), Saturday 19 February 1910, page 4]

The Koombana

Perth, February 18.

When spoken to yesterday regarding the statement that the Postal Department had refused to accept the A.S.S. Coy.'s tender for the carriage of mails to the Nor'-West coast and that the Koombana was in consequence to be withdrawn from the service, Mr. Moxon, attorney for the Coy. in this State, said that there was no truth in the Statement. As a matter of fact, they had received no intimation from the Department as to whether their tender had been accepted or not, and until they had received that notification they were unable to arrange the timetable for the next three or four months, and it was probably due to this fact that the rumour had gained currency...