55["News and Notes", The West Australian, Wednesday 22 February 1911, page 6]

The Survivor of the Glenbank Wreck.

Yesterday by the Nor'-West trading steamer Koombana, there arrived at Fremantle from the northern coast a Russian named Antle Katola, the sole survivor of the steel barque Glenbank, which with the whole of her crew, except Katola, went down in a gale off Legendre Island, on the 6th inst. Katola, who is a well-built Russian, was on arrival taken charge of by the Shipping Master at Fremantle (Captain Smith). Beyond a mono syllable or two Katola knows nothing of English, but from what he has already communicated to an interpreter at Cossack, he had an exceedingly bad time fighting for his life against the elements before gaining the shore. Yesterday he was taken to the Fremantle Sailors' Rest, where he will stay pending arrangements being made for his return to Europe. Spoken to yesterday afternoon, Captain Smith said that he had wired to the Consul-General, Melbourne, on the matter, and that when an interpreter was obtained a statement by Katola regarding the wreck would be taken by the Acting Harbourmaster (Captain Winzar).