Timeline, Chapter 4 : Of Fear and Fascination

Saturday, September 12th Waratah: launched on the Clyde
Friday, November 6th Waratah: leaves London on her maiden voyage to Australia
Tuesday, December 22nd Waratah: on maiden voyage, departs Melbourne for Sydney
Sunday, January 17th Waratah: scheduled departure from ? for first return voyage
Monday, March 15th Koombana: runs aground at Sharks Bay
Thursday, March 25th Koombana: off the bank after 10 days
Tuesday, April 27th Waratah: leaves for Australia for the second time
Wednesday, April 28th Koombana: hits reef off gantheaume point (northbound)
Tuesday, May 4th Koombana: rumour of rock strike started by private telegram
Monday, May 10th Koombana: diver inspects Koombana's hull ar Freo. no damage found.
Friday, May 14th Koombana: aground at Gero (newspapers, ASSCoy meeting)
Saturday, May 22nd Koombana: hull inspected at Broome; some damage noted.
Wednesday, June 2nd Koombana: at Geraldton southbound on same trip, hawsers broken, struck bottom in crosswind.
Saturday, June 5th Koombana: leaves Freo for Sydney for repair (not for scheduled overhaul)
Friday, June 11th Koombana: inquiry into Shark Bay grounding concludes. No action taken.
Monday, June 14th Koombana: enters Mort's Dock, Sydney for repair
Thursday, July 1st Waratah: leaves Port Adelaide for Durban, Capetown, Southampton.
Monday, July 26th Waratah: leaves Durban with 211 passengers and crew
Tuesday, July 27th Waratah: last signals exchanged with Clan McIntyre, and possibly with Guelph.
Tuesday, August 3rd Waratah: first Australian published reports of ship missing, feared lost
Friday, August 6th Koombana: Rees in court over Gantheaume Point incident. Rees exonerated.
Saturday, August 7th Waratah: first search by HMS Forte, HMS Hermes, HMS Pandora
Friday, August 13th Waratah: Insizwa reports seeing "floating objects, presumed to be bodies"
Friday, August 13th Waratah: Liner Marere arrives Melbourne from the Cape, describes fearful storm
Sunday, September 12th Waratah: Sabine, chartered by Waratah's owners, leaves Capetown to search
Tuesday, October 19th Koombana leaves Hedland, southbound; grounds for 12 hours (source: Jim Low)
Wednesday, November 3rd Koombana 'finds the bottom' in Geraldton harbour
Wednesday, December 8th Waratah: Sabine returns to Capetown, having seen nothing in 12 weeks and 14,000 miles.
Wednesday, December 22nd Waratah: Public meeting in Melbourne pledges finance for a third search.
Thursday, December 23rd Waratah: Tottenham arrives Fremantle, remains about three weeks. Captain Cox must know of Melbourne search plans.
Friday, December 24th Waratah: ASS Coy Board of Directors sees no value in contributing to the new search.
Wednesday, December 29th Waratah: Tenders called for steamship willing to go in search.
Friday, January 7th Waratah: Five tenders received. Wakefield emerges as front-runner.
Wednesday, January 19th Waratah: Tottenham arrives Melbourne, almost on eve of the new search. Cox says nothing.
Friday, January 21st Waratah: Lund liners sold to P. & O.
Friday, February 4th Waratah: bottle containing message found at Prospect Beach, Victoria.
Tuesday, February 8th Koombana: hit on Trip 13 hit by squall, heels over.
Friday, February 25th Waratah: Former second officer of Tottenham 'blows the whistle' on sighting of floating corpses.
Saturday, February 26th Waratah: Wakefield departs Durban for 3rd Waratah search, funded by relatives of passengers.
Thursday, March 31st Pericles wrecked off Cape Leeuwin
Monday, April 11th Myth lost in rough weather off Cossack
Friday, May 6th King Edward VII dies
Saturday, May 7th Koombana: Hedland Advocate angrily reports the failure of ship to enter harbour
Thursday, May 12th Koombana: 'Neaped' (trapped by tide, unable to leave) at Broome (trip 16)
Tuesday, May 24th Koombana: Captain Rees, southbound, bypasses Port Hedland, to the annoyance of consignors.
Friday, June 24th Waratah: Wakefield arrives in Melbourne after four months at sea. Nothing found.
Friday, July 22nd Koombana: departs for Sydney for annual overhaul.
Saturday, July 30th Koombana: enters dry-dock
Saturday, August 6th Koombana: leaves dry-dock
Thursday, October 6th Waratah: bottle containing message found at Wilson's Promontory, Victoria.
Thursday, October 20th Koombana: Fire in damp wool controlled for 7 days, extinguished at Fremantle (Trip 21, southbound).
Tuesday, November 8th Waratah: bottle containing message found at Castlemaine Brewery, South Fremantle
Friday, December 16th Waratah: Board of Trade inquiry commences in London.
Wednesday, December 21st Koombana: Aground for 10 hours in Shark Bay, near site of 1909 grounding (Trip 23).
Saturday, January 21st Koombana: fodder fire in hold at Fremantle, night of 21st (after Trip 24).
Tuesday, January 24th Koombana: Captain Rees takes a holiday.
Saturday, January 28th Waratah: Bottle containing message found at Redcliffe, Queensland.
Monday, February 6th Glenbank: Facing cyclone at Depuch, Captain Morberg run for open sea. Ship wrecked on Legendre reef.
Tuesday, February 21st Glenbank: sole survivor Antic Katola arrives Fremantle by Koombana (Captain Hurrell).
Thursday, February 23rd Waratah: Inquiry finding announced.
Saturday, March 18th Koombana: Captain John Rees returns from holiday.
Thursday, March 23rd Koombana: departs for north (Trip 27).
Thursday, March 23rd Yongala: lost in cyclone
Wednesday, April 19th Koombana: Pilbarra struck Koombana at Victoria Quay. Anchor flukes of Pilbarra pierced Koombana's starboard quarter
Thursday, July 13th Koombana: 2nd cook William Jones falls down main companionway and dies.
Thursday, July 13th Koombana: departs for Sydney for annual overhaul and installation of Marconi
Wednesday, August 30th Koombana: John Rees hands command to Tom Allen.