35[“The Aborigines of this State”, Daily News (Perth, WA), Friday 02 September 1904 (3rd Edition), page 3]



In this week’s “Government Gazette” the appointment of Dr. T. W. Roth, the Chief Protector of Aborigines in Queensland, as a Royal Commissioner to inquire into the conditions and treatment of the aborigines of this State, is notified. The Government’s desire is that the inquiry will be conducted on an entirely independent basis, and Dr. Roth will be empowered to take evidence on oath from any persons whose testimony may be deemed of value. One of his duties will be to inquire into the workings of the Aborigines Department. Dr. Roth, during his tour of the State, will not be accompanied by any local official, as it is the intention of the Government to obtain, as far as possible, an unbiassed report as to whether the allegations which have been made in regard to the treatment of natives in this State are justified or not.

Tho following matters to be inquired into, are set down in Dr. Roth’s Commission:—(1) The administration of tho Aborigines Department; (3) the employment of aboriginal natives under control and indenture of apprenticeship; (3) the employment of aboriginal natives in the pearl shell industry and otherwise in boats; (4) the native police system; (5) the treatment of aboriginal prisoners; (6) the distribution of relief; and generally to inquire into the treatmont of all aboriginal and half-castes of the State.

AB notes:

establishment of the Roth royal commission announced in the Government Gazette