[McNab, John, 1897, Catechism of the Laws of Storms, 3rd, George Philip & Son, London]

language: English

long_title: Catechism of the Laws of Storms for the Use of Sea Officers With Instructions for Answering Papers on the Subject in the Board of Trade Examinations

editions: 1884, 1890, 1897


The centre has a peculiar sea of its own, the water rising in great pyramidal heaps, and literally throwing itself about in all directions, making it difficult for a ship to live.


Q.28.--Are there any rules for ascertaining the position of a ship in a cyclone, and for the changing in the direction of its wind?

A.--Yes; most important ones.

first: To find how the centre bears. When

fairly within the storm area, not before, face the

wind, and the centre should bear about 8 points

from that to the RIGHT in N. Lat., and to the

LEFT in S. Lat. This average, or 8 point, bear-

ing, is based on the old theory that the area is a

perfect circle; but as it is now generally accepted

that some may be "Incurving," it may as well

to allow for such a possibility, in which case the

centre bearing might even vary form 8 to 14 points...