26["Pilot for the Ophir", The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA), Thursday 04 July 1901, page 6]


Pilot T. M. Allen, the latest addition to the Port Adelaide pilot service, and the youngest member with regard to age, has been selected to pilot up the Port River the Royal yacht Ophir. Pilot Allen is regarded as one of the most skilful navigators in the State. He holds an extra master's certificate and exemption certificates for the chief ports of the Australian coast. The first vessel he took up the river to Port Adelaide after his appointment to the pilot service was the steamer Port Elliot, which he safely conducted to a berth in September, 1897. Since then he has piloted most of the large vessels in and out of harbor without mishap, the vessels including several of the well-known Blue Anchor line, such as the Warrnambool, Wilcannia, and Bungaree, the Anglo-German steamers, the Port line, and ocean-going vessels owned by other shipping firms.