6a[Wreck of the "Koombana" - photocopy of material relating to, Harbour and Lights Department, Western Australia, 1912, State Records Office of Western Australia. WAS1618 Consignment 5055 Item 001, "Copy, Log of Lugger McLhennan on a cruise in search of R.M.S. Koombana"]

Copy, Log of Lugger McLhennan on a cruise in search of R.M.S. Koombana

Monday March 25th. 4 p.m. Boarded the lugger and at once proceeded

to get ready for sea.

Tuesday March 26th. 5 a.m. Weighed and proceeded to sea. M'night

calm & cloudy. Brought up in 8 fathoms. False Cape SSE.

Wednesday March 27th. Weighed at daylight. Light N.W. winds Noon

passed Cape Bossut dist 8'. Stood in for the land and kept

it aboard till midnight. Brought up at that hour.

Thursday March 28th. Under weigh again at daylight and sailed along

the land till 4 p.m. Tacked ship at this hour and stood off

the land. 8 p.m. tacked ship and stood towards the land

anchoring in 7 fathoms at midnight.

Friday March 29th 5 a.m. weighed and with a fair wind stood along the

land close aboard. At noon wind rapidly hauling and

decreasing in force. From noon till 6 p.m. standing off

and on the coast, Solitary Island being passed 2 miles off

at this hour, and at 10 p.m. brought up with Mt Blaze

WSW dist 2 miles.

Saturday March 30th 6 a.m. weighed and stood towards the land. 7 a.m.

tacked ship and stood across towards the Amphinome

Shoals 2 p.m. Passed over banks in from 2 fathoms to 2 1/2 fathoms

water. 7 p.m. very light winds and strong tide Anchored for the

night in 11 fathoms.

Sunday March 31st. 5 a.m. under weigh for Bedout Island with moderate

S.S.W. winds and fine. 8.45 am Observed Bedout Island

bearing NW. & W1/2W. Noon Bedout Island SSE 1 1/2 miles

Tacked ship and stood along the West side iwth the S.W.

Reef close aboard. 3. pm Bore away again for the

Turtle Islands. 6 pm Passed the Big Turtlea and brought

up in 5 fathoms Turtle Island bearing NE & N about 2 miles.

Monday April 1st. 6 a.m. weighed and made sail towards Little Turtle 8 a.m.

Had the Island in sight sailed close along the reef.

9 a.m. Passed the Island and stood towards Port Hedland entering that Port at 6 a.m.

Friday April 5th. 1 p.m. Weighed and proceeded towards Broome via Bedout. Midnight Bedout Island East about 10 miles.

Saturday April 6th. 2 a.m. Rounded Bedout about 12 to 15 miles

distant, passed a piece of white painted board resembling

part of a boat bottom board but owing to the darkness

was unable to recover same. Strong winds & fine.

Set course for Bossut. Noon had light S.S.E winds

with fine clear weather Midnight fresh winds and cloudy.

Thursday April 7th. 4 a.m. Strong winds & fine. 8 a.m. Calm & fine.

Noon Breeze moderating, sea going down. Midnight Fresh S.E. winds & fine.

Friday April 8th. 2 a.m. Strong S.E. winds & fine.

4 a.m. Sounded in 11 fathoms. False Cape E.S.E. Noon Calm & clear.

9 p.m. Entered Roebuck Bay and anchored at 10 p.m. in the anchorage.

(signed) Robt. J White

6b[Dickson, Rod (transcribed & compiled), 1996, Ships Registered in Western Australia From 1856 to 1969, published by Maritime Heritage Association (Western Australia), http://www.maritimeheritage.org.au/documents/Shipping%20Register.pdf]


No.3, 1912; McLHENNAN, O/No.131625, 14.68 tons.

2 masted Schooner.

Dimensions, 39.7 x 12.3 x 4.85 feet.

Built at Fremantle by Charles Walker during 1912.

Owner :- Duncan Sinclair, of Fremantle, Fisherman.

Registry cancelled as the vessel, D Sinclair, Master, was totally lost on the 24/5/1914 when sailing to Bunbury and ran aground in a heavy squall.