7["Search Party from Broome", Broome Chronicle (WA), Saturday 30 March 1912]


Through the telegraphic interruption between here and Fremantle very scant cable information could be got as to what was being done in regard to the overdue Koombana. From the tone of the cables to hand it would seem that the Agents were laboring under the belief that we had communication with Hedland where the Bullarra was known to be, because one wire said, in answer to a query, that the Bullarra, if available, would be despatched. This pointed to the fact that they thought we were in possession of the news of the Bullarra's disablement. A search party from Broome was at once organized, and this consisted of:--

Captain Dalziel (Harbor Master) in the schooner Muriel.

Captain White in a new lugger recently arrived from Fremantle.

Capt. Bennie (with Mr. Hugo Harper on board) in Harper's lugger Mina.

These vessels are working in conjunction to Paterson's Shoals. One on the third reef, one between the second and first reef, and the other between Reef No. 1 and the shore. They will then meet on the other side of the shoals and work toward Condon and Bedout to Hedland, and if nothing transpires they will proceed to Rowley Shoals, a distance of 150 miles. The vessels are provisioned for a month, but they do not in any case expect to be back before a fortnight, having left on Monday night last, Harper's boat getting first away. On arrival at Hedland a wire will be despatched to Broome stating their movements.