45[Wreck of the "Koombana" - photocopy of material relating to, Harbour and Lights Department, Western Australia, 1912, State Records Office of Western Australia. WAS1618 Consignment 5055 Item 001, Telegram from Captain Mills, upon arrival at Port Hedland, to Irvine, Chief Harbourmaster, Fremantle, Wednesday 03 April 1912]

Searched within following positions by running parallel

lines 30 miles apart lat.20.15 long 116. Lat 18.40

long.116. Lat 18.40 long 117.40. Lat.20. long. 118.

from last position bearing East 10 miles, then north

30 miles then East 15 picked up smoking room settee

cushion and part of cabin door; in lat 19.36. long.117_53

and in lat. 19.32_ Long.118.10. picked up bottom board

of boat, small teak panel. Abandoned further search

sunset Tuesday as considered ship is lost in vicinity

Bedout Island.