4["A Disabled Steamer", The West Australian, Monday 10 August 1908, page 5]




Sydney, August 9.

A certain amount of uneasiness was manifested regarding the cargo steamer Komura, which is considerably overdue from Rockhampton and Brisbane. She left the latter port at 4 o'clock on Tuesday afternoon with a valuable cargo for Newcastle and Sydney, and was not reported until a late hour tonight. She sailed from Brisbane in company with the Adelaide S.S. Co.'s steamer Wollowra which arrived at Sydney at 6 o'clock on Thursday evening. The Komura, in tow of the North Coast steamer Noorebar, reached Newcastle late to-night. Captain Tyler stated that a mishap to the propeller apparently occurred when the vessel was off the Solitaries on Thursday night, but he could not fix the exact time. Very bad weather was experienced after passing Cape Moreton and it continued all the way down the coast. Several times the vessel was in grave danger. Little headway could be made against a strong south-easterly gale, and hazy weather made it difficult to tell where the ship actually was and soundings were taken at frequent intervals. Shortly before midnight on Wednesday the Byron Bay light was sighted. The Komura had been drifting with the current, and although Captain Tyler suspected that something was wrong he could not be definitely satisfied. On Friday morning the weather moderated slightly and oil was put overboard. The sea calmed down sufficiently to enable an examination of the propeller to be made. This showed that three blades had broken off. Sail was set and the vessel put on the starboard tack. Rockets were frequently sent up, and these were observed by the Noorebar yesterday morning, and the Komura was taken in tow.

AB notes:

Komura incident thu 06 aug 1908

"Solitaries" = Solitary Islands, of NSW coast, north of Coffs Harbour