Arrow, James Grant

[SS "Koombana": list of crew as per copy of Articles at shipping office, Fremantle, Adelaide Steamship Company, April 1912. provided to the author by Jean Northover, City Beach, Western Australia]



J.G. Arrow, fifth engineer 24 Perth


["Story of the Koombana", The Sunday Times (Perth, WA), Sunday 31 March 1912, page 12]

"J. G. Arrow, fifth engineer"

["The Crew", The West Australian, Wednesday 03 April 1912, page 7]

The following is the complete crew which left with the vessel, according to the records in the Adelaide Co.'s office:--


J. G. Arrow, fifth engineer.


["The Koombana", The West Australian, Friday 12 April 1912, page 7]


The following official list of the names of the crew who signed on the s.s. Koombana's articles and who were supposed to have gone in the vessel is supplied by the Shipping Master of Fremantle (Captain T. W. Smith). The age, birthplace, and capacity of each member is given:--


J. G. Arron, 24, Perth, fifth engineer;


[Agreement and Account of Crew, s.s. Koombana, August 1911 - March 1912, Harbour and Lights Department, Western Australia. State Records Office of Western Australia, Consignment 1056 Item 301]

The register indicates that Koombana was the first ship for J. G. Arrow, who joined for Trip #35, January 1912.

[Wreck of the KOOMBANA - letters re men's estates, Correspondence between the office of the Chief Harbourmaster, Fremantle, and the families of lost crewmembers, Harbour and Lights Department, 1912. State Records Office of Western Australia, AN16/5 Cons 1056 Item 062]

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Letter from the Fremantle office of the ASS Coy, 19th April, 1912.

Capt. T. W. Smith,

Shipping Master,

Representative of the Board of Trade,


Dear Sir,

Referring to our letter of 17th. inst.,

under cover of which we sent you a cheque for 461-4-0 for

ss "KOOMBANA" (missing) wages to 31st. March 1912, please note

that we wish to pay wages of the following officers, viz;-

T. M. Allen, Master 29-12 -0

N. C. Jamieson, Chief Officer 15 -4 -0

W. R. A. Kinley Second Officer 12 -16 -0

P. S. Peacock Third Officer 10 -8 -0

A. Wassell Second Engineer 12 -13 -4

J. G. Arrow Fifth Engineer 9 -12 -0

Please refund this amount to us out of the moneys held in trust

by you on our account in this matter.

Yours faithfully,

[signature illegible, but probably Moxon]

Manager for W. A.

["In Memoriam", The West Australian, Thursday 20 March 1913, page 1]

ARROW.-In loving memory of James Grant Arrow, 5th engineer of the ill-fated Koombana, lost March 20, 1912.

A devoted son and loyal friend. I.M.H.