Farrow, George

[Passenger list, "KOOMBANA" 37, compiled 04 June 1912, Adelaide Steamship Company. Broome Historical Society]

List of passengers known to have been bound for Derby.

From Fremantle




Farrow, George * Of Northam. Reported by A. Searle, Northam

Brewery. Born Essex. Father's address G.

Farrow, Beveridge Farm, Harold Wood, Romford,

Essex, England.


* Signifies that persone indicated had been reported by relative

or friends as having travelled and presumably booked on board.

[Barker, Malcolm, 2001, The Truth Is So Precious, Success Print, Perth, Western Australia, page51]


George Farrow, a passenger for Derby, went aboard just before midday. He was farewelled by a friend who then walked down the wharf to take the SS Orvieto for London. After arriving in England he wrote to Mr A Searle of the Northam Brewery, telling how he had seen George Farrow off on the Koombana.


AB notes:

Was George still aboard beyond Port Hedland?