Murphy, John (Jack)

[Passenger list, "KOOMBANA" 37, compiled 12 April 1912, Adelaide Steamship Company. provided to the author by the late Malcolm Barker]

List of passengers known to have been bound for Broome.

From Fremantle


Murphy, John * Son-in-law to E.G. Ash Perth. Aged 23,

5'5" fair, married 15 months. Enquirer's

address, 479 Wellington Street, Perth.


Note * signifies that the person indicated is supposed to have booked ahead.

["No Tidings", The West Australian, Monday 01 April 1912, page 7]


It is understood that amongst the passengers on the Koombana, in addition to those already mentioned are Mr. J. Murphy (bound for Broome) and a Mr. Drake. It has also been stated that "W. Davis" was amongst those on board. It now transpires that the name should be "W. L. Davey.".

["The Passengers", The West Australian, Wednesday 03 April 1912, page 7]



Mr. J. Murphy.


["Unregistered Passengers", Daily News (Perth, WA), Monday 01 April 1912, page 4]


(To the Editor.)

Sir, Permit me to ask you to insert in your daily my son-in-law's name, J. Murphy, who was a passenger by the Koombana bound for Broome. His name was omitted because he was working his passage and was not engaged from the office. He was formerly an employee in the machine room of the "West Australian" for a number of years. There is also a young man, Drake, son of a publican (Federal Hotel) since left the State; also another young man, Percival Harold, from St Kilda, Melbourne, they were also supposed to have gone through. I know they went on board together, but my son-in-law positively was going to Broome. --Yours, etc.


479 Wellington Street, Perth.

["Announcements", The Western Mail (Perth, WA), Saturday 27 April 1912, page 23]




MURPHY.--On or about March 22, 1912, lost at

sea in the steamship Koombana, John, beloved husband of Leah Murphy, of Perth, and son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Asher, age 24.

May his soul rest in peace.


["Births, Marriages and Deaths", The West Australian, Wednesday 18 January 1911, page 1]



MURPHY-ASHER. On Tuesday, January 17, 1911, by special licence, John Murphy, second eldest son of Mrs. T. Dixon of Victoria Park Hotel, to Leah Asher, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Asher, of Wellington street, Perth.


AB notes:

Leah Murphy nee Asher remarried in 1918.

["In Memoriam", The West Australian, Friday 21 March 1913, page 1]


MURPHY.-In loving remembrance of my dear husband, John Murphy, who lost his life in the s.s. Koombana, March, 1912.

-Inserted by his wife Leah. R.I.P.

MURPHY.-In sad and affectionate memory of Jack Murphy, loving husband of Leah Murphy, who lost his life on the ill-fated Koombana, on or about March 21 or 22, 1912.

-Inserted by Florrie Bonner.

["In Memoriam", The West Australian, Saturday 21 March 1914, page 1]

MURPHY. --In affectionate remembrance of my dear husband, Jack, who was lost in the Koombana on or about March 21, 1912.


Inserted by his loving wife, Leah Murphy,

also E. and L. Asher.

["In Memoriam", The West Australian, Monday 22 March 1915, page 1]

MURPHY.--In sad but loving memory of my dear husband, who went down on the Koombana on or about March 21 or 22, 1912.

Its just three years to-day

And still to memory dear.

I often say a prayer and shed a silent tear.

Time cannot alter love so fond and true,

And to-day brings forth my grief anew.

--Inserted by his loving wife, Mrs. J. Murphy (nee Leah Asher).