Piper, Alfred Charles (Ally)

[Passenger list, "KOOMBANA" 37, compiled 04 June 1912, Adelaide Steamship Company. Broome Historical Society]

List of passengers known to have been bound for Derby.

From Fremantle [saloon]


Piper, Alfred Charles Manager, Meda Station (Emanuels). Born in

England, Nephew at Derby.

Piper, George Manager, Margaret Downs Station, brother of



[Passenger list, "KOOMBANA" 37, compiled 02 April 1912, Adelaide Steamship Company. Noel Butlin Archives Centre, Australian National University, 0186/N46/634]

Fremantle-Derby Piper A. C.(G?) Manager Meda Station (Emmanuel Bros)

["Koombana's Passenger List", Broome Chronicle (WA), Saturday 30 March 1912]



For Derby.


Meesrs. Piper (2)


["Two of the Passengers", The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.), Thursday 04 April 1912, page 5]


BRISBANE, April 3.

Two of the passengers missing on tha Koombana are George and Alfred Piper. The first was manager of the Margaret Downs Station, and his brother, Alfred, manager of the Neda. Tho Pipers came to Queensland as lads, and lived in Brisbane for some years. They took up station work in the employ of the late Hon. Jas. Tyson, who had a very great regard for tho young fellows. They were capable and steady. They left Queensland some years ago, and took up station work in West Australia. They had been to Perth on a holiday trip, and were returning to the north hy the Koombana. A niece of the Pipers is resident in Brisbane.

["Koombana's Fate", The West Australian, Thursday 04 April 1912, page 7]

Two Queensland Passengers

Brisbane, April 3.

Two passengers of the missing Koombana are Mr. George and Mr. Alfred Piper. The first named was manager of the Margaret Downs Station and his brother Alfred was manager of Neda. The Pipers came to Queensland as lads, and lived in Brisbane some years. They took up station work in the employ of the late James Tyson, who had a very great regard for the young fellows. They left Queensland some years ago for station work in Western Australia. They had been to Perth on a holiday trip.

["Story of the Koombana", The Sunday Times (Perth, WA), Sunday 31 March 1912, page 12]



Now that it appears more than probable that the Koombana no longer exists, the personality of the passengers who most likely have shared her untimely fate will be of interest. Amongst them are several well-known people, and it is quite possible that some of them may have left the ship at an intermediate port.


Messrs Piper and Jenkins both manage stations for Messrs. Emanuel Bros., and were returning to Derby after a trip to the metropolis. Mr. Jenkins was accompanied by his daughter.


["The Lost Koombana", The Register (Adelaide, SA), Friday 05 April 1912, page 5]


Smart Cattle Men.

The two brothers, George and Alfred C. Piper, who were on the Koombana, were for some time in Mr. S. Kidman's employ in Queensland. Mr. George Piper was also with the late Mr. James Tyson on the Tininburra Station. He was sent to Western Australia by Mr. Kidman to manage Meda Station for Messrs. Forrest and Emanuel, and had been most successful. "George was one of the smartest men among cattle they have had in the West," said Mr. Kidman on Thursday, "and his brother was a very capable man, too." William B. Vile, who was also on the boat, was at one time a drover for me.


["Fate of the Koombana", The Northern Times (Carnarvon, WA), Saturday 06 April 1912, page 2]


Mr. George Piper, manager of Messrs. Emanuel Bros.' Gogo cattle station, was about 30 years of age, and was taking five men with him for that station. He was engaged to be married to one of Mrs. Boor's sisters.

His brother, Mr. Alfred Piper, manager of Messrs. Emanuel Bros.' Meda, and was about 28 years of age.


AB notes:

Other reports list four recruits for Margaret Downs ('Gogo'), but drover Billy Vile, who had also worked for for Kidman in Queensland, may have been the fifth. But...only Vile was travelling steerage; it is hard to say if he was with this party.

["Some Of The Passengers", Broome Chronicle (WA), Saturday 06 April, 1912]


Messrs. Piper (2), station managers for Emanuel Bros., en route to Derby to return to their posts.

[Rodney Reynolds, descendant of Koombana passengers George and 'Ally' Piper, letter to Bethwyn Brandis, undated]

handwritten letter from Rodney Reynolds of Safety Bay to Bethwyn Brandis, undated]

Rodney Reynolds

8 Donald Drive

Safety Bay 6169

ph 95271200

B. Brandis

Box 13

Mukinbudin 6479

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re S S Koombana

My father, Alfred George Reynolds had

two uncles on the "Koombana", who lost their lives

on the sinking of the ship.

One was Alfred Piper, who was the manager

of Meda Station, Derby, and George Piper was the

manager of Victoria River Downs Station, Northern


History tells us they had been holidaying

in Perth looking for additional staff to run the


My father was named after these two uncles,

and on his return from World War I commenced farming

at Mukinbudin, where he started stud merino

flock and it was registered as Meda Park.

My grandmother was the sister of Alfred & George

Piper, her name being "[?Tinny]" Piper.

My father's farm was opposite C.J. Manuels, "[?Whyworrie]".

If you wish to discuss this matter further, and are

in Perth, please feel free to contact us & pop in for

a cup of tea. We would be pleased to hear if you gain

any further information.

We will be home at Safety Bay until the end

of April when we leave for warmer areas.

Yours faithfully,

Rod Reynolds