Prisoner, Malay

["Koombana's Passenger List", Broome Chronicle (WA), Saturday 30 March 1912]


For Broome.


One Malay and one aboriginal prisoner.


["The Missing Koombana", Geraldton Guardian (WA), Saturday 30 March 1912, page 3]


The Adelaide S.S. Company has received from its Hedland office a list of the passengers booked there who joined the Koombana for Broome, as follows:- Joseph Johnson, Capt. Stuart, Brider[sic], Hassan, and Japanese, Aboriginal and Malay prisoners. For Derby: Mr. McGowan.

["No News of the Koombana", The Sunday Times (Perth, WA), Sunday 31 March 1912, page ?]


The Port Hedland Bookings

The following are the names of those passengers who booked at Port Hedland by the Koombana for Broome and Derby:-

For Broome: Captain Stuart, Joseph Johnson, H. Brider, Hassan, a Japanese, Aboriginal and Malay prisoners.

For Derby: J. McGowan.


["The Passengers", The West Australian, Wednesday 03 April 1912, page 7]




A Japanese and an Aboriginal and malay prisoners.


["The Hedland Bookings", Broome Chronicle (WA), Saturday 06 April 1912, page 2]

Perth, April 1.

The Adelaide Shipping Co. received a wire from Hedland, giving the list of passengers booked there as:


Captain Stewart

Mr. Briden

Joseph Johnson

Hassan (a Japanese)

One aboriginal and one Malay prisoner.


Mr. McGowan

["Koombana Foundered", The Hedland Advocate (Port Hedland, WA), Saturday 06 April 1912, pages 5, 6, 8]


The Passenger List.



Capt. Stuart, H. Briden (from Hedland), J. Davis (pearl buyer), G. Simpson, G. Simpson, G. Harper, J. Davis (from Hedland, manager for Sibe Gorman, Broome), Miss S. Skamp, Miss G. Skamp, Mrs S. Pigott, Rev. W. Main, Mrs Gillam, Miss Gillam, J. Murphy, J. J. Johnson, (from Hedland), John Evans, W. Smith (formerly baker in Hedland), G. Bailey, A. Rouble, 1 aboriginal, 1 Malay, and 5 Chinese and 4 Japanese from Hedland.

The numbered 77, most of whom were well-known on this coast.

[Documents and reports to be placed before the Deputy Comptroller General of Prisons., Gaols Department, Western Australia, 1912. State Records Office of Western Australia, Series 3054, Consignment 968, Item 1912/2182]

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[There is insufficient space here to list all of the sources that relate to Koombana’s lost passengers and crew. Interested readers are directed to the Koombana Days online resource, which includes a dossier on each person known to have been aboard.]