Smith, Benjamin

[Passenger list, "KOOMBANA" 37, compiled 02 April 1912, Adelaide Steamship Company. Noel Butlin Archives Centre, Australian National University, 0186/N46/634]

Geraldton-Derby Smith B. [blank]

[Passenger list, "KOOMBANA" 37, compiled 04 June 1912, Adelaide Steamship Company. Broome Historical Society]

List of passengers known to have been bound for Derby.


From Geraldton (All Steerage Passengers)


Smith, Benjamin Carpenter in the employ of Bewick Moreing,

Youanmi. Was taking the round trip for a

holiday. Brother A.A. Smith, c/- Messrs

Currie & Murray, North Fremantle.


[Barker, Malcolm, 2001, The Truth Is So Precious, Success Print, Perth, Western Australia, page54]


Benjamin Smith, a carpenter employed at the inland mining centre of Youanmi, reached Geraldton by stagecoach and railway. He was to holiday on a round trip to Derby and for him the anticipated comforts of the Koombana would have made the stagecoach a little more bearable.


["The Death Roll", Geraldton Express (WA), Wednesday 03 April 1912, page 3]




The six passengers who boarded the vessel here were Messrs Wm. Lewis, S. Spencer, R. Scougall, J. W. Clarke, A. Shields and Benjamin Smith.

Of these it is understood that Messrs. Lewis, Scougall, Clarke and Shields left here to go to Derby where they intended to engage in shearing work.


Benjamin Smith was a carpenter employed by Messrs Bewick, Moreing and Co., at Yuanmi. He left Yuanmi, it is understood, with the object of making the round trip with the Koombana, and then returning to Yuanmi.


["The Koombana", The Murchison Times and Day Dawn Gazette (Cue, WA), Saturday 13 April 1912, page 3]

Perth, Friday.

There are no further tidings of the s.s. Koombana. The Adelaide Shipping Company advises the following additions to the passenger list of the Koombana: Bates, steerage for Broome, George Lawrence, shearer for Derby. Both booked aboard. Others known to be on the vessel are:-Smith (Broome), Gilbert and Bailey (Broome), Smith (Derby), and Taylor (proceeding to Derby under engagement to Mr. Piper).