Thornton, Walter Clifford

[Passenger list, "KOOMBANA" 37, compiled 04 June 1912, Adelaide Steamship Company. Broome Historical Society]

List of passengers known to have been bound for Derby.

From Fremantle [saloon]




Thornton, Walter Clifford * Shearer at Levarynga Station.

Wife at Victoria Park, W.A.


* Signifies that persone indicated had been reported by relative

or friends as having travelled and presumably booked on board.

["In Memoriam", The West Australian, Friday 14 March 1913. p1]


THORNTON.-In fond remembrance of Walter Clifford Thornton, who lost his life in the wreck of the Koombana.

We often sit and think of you,

And think of how you died,

To think you could not say good-bye

Before you closed your eyes.

The shock was great, the blow severe;

We little thought his death so near,

Only those who have lost are able to tell

The pain at heart at not saying farewell.

-Inserted by his brother, sister-in-law, nephews, and nieces, East Wagin.


["Action by Australian Workers's Union", The West Australian, Thursday 30 May 1912, page 8]


Among those who lost their lives on the Koombana were a number of men--about 20 in all, so far as can be officially ascertained--who were proceeding to the shearing sheds in the North-West. These men were members of the Australian Workers' Union, and their mates on the Upper Liveringa Station have subscribed and forwarded to the head office of the Union in Perth the sum of 50 15s. 6d. to be distributed among the widows and orphans of their late comrades. The secretary of the union (Mr. T. L. Brown) has obtained authority from the headquarters of the Union in the Eastern States to forward subscription lists throughout the shearing sheds in this State in order to augment the amount already donated.