Vasey, Maurice

[Passenger list, "KOOMBANA" 37, compiled 04 June 1912, Adelaide Steamship Company. Broome Historical Society]


From Fremantle to Broome or Derby.




Vasey, Maurice Cousin of Harold Colsell, c/- Hubert Robbins,

Boyagana. Mr. Kokeby and parents reside at

18 The Circus, Greenwich S.E. England.


[Passenger list, "KOOMBANA" 37, compiled 02 April 1912, Adelaide Steamship Company. Noel Butlin Archives Centre, Australian National University, 0186/N46/634]

Fremantle-Derby Vasey M. ) Men travelling with Mr. W.P. Milne to

) work for the Public Works Department

["The Passengers", The West Australian, Wednesday 03 April 1912, page 7]



Mr. W. L. Davey.

Mr. A. Baker.

Mr. G. Martin.

Mr. H. Hurford.

Mr. E. Green.

Mr. M. Vasey.