[Registers - Local Prisoners (Male), Registers of prisoners at Fremantle Prison, arranged by prisoner number, Fremantle Prison, 1888 - 1959. State Records Office of Western Australia, Series WAS-672 Cons 4173/9, Volume 9, page 506]

No. 8905

Name Seleno Joseph

Nationality Italian

Birthplace Turin

Age 27

Height 5·6˝

Hair Lt Brown

Eyes Lt Grey

Visage [? RG]

Complexion Sallow

Build 141

Condition S.

Religion R.C.

Trade Sailor

Read & Write Yes.

Particulars of Conviction.

Date. 1912. March 19. (22 overwritten 19)

Place. Roebourne

Before Whom Genl Sessions

Offence Manslaughter

Sentence. 3 years HL

Date of Discharge 28·6·13

Remissions, Etc. Sentence remitted. M266.

Notes in margin record Seleno's tattoos and distinguishing marks:

MARINA lt foot ORAN outside rt calf.

Scar left cheek bone.

Woman's head centre back.

RAMENTATI across back over woman's head.

man's head left shoulder blade

woman's bust over Brithys over Columbia over Canada over

[? ] outside lt bicep

[?Prince] Line [? ] skull and Cross bones bracelet lt arm

London over anchor inside lt arm

Woman's bust, man & woman's head rt bicep MAROC Anchor Starr woman's head

Swallow AMAMERE [? ] etc. across chest.