17["The New Labor Ministry", The Sunday Times (Perth, WA), Sunday 08 October 1911, page 1]


Caucus Chooses the Cabinet by Ballot

Mr. Scaddan Premier and Treasurer Mr. Drew Leads the Upper House.

Events have moved quickly. On Tuesday last the electors turned the Wilson Government down, Wednesday Premier Wilson handed in his resignation, the next day the Governor sent for the leader of the victorious Labor Party and commissioned him to form a Cabinet, caucus met yesterday, and in less than two hours, had selected six of their number to constitute the Ministry; at 3 o'clock Mr. Scaddan had submitted the names to His Excellency, at 6 o'clock the new Government was sworn in, and to-morrow the Premier and his colleagues will take over the duties of administration. If that is not fairly quick work, then we are wondering what is, for no Vaudeville quick-change artist could put up such a record.


Scaddan apportioned the portfolios as under in the order of precedence:--

Premier and Treasurer--Mr. J. Scaddan;

Minister for Lands and Agriculture--Mr. T. H. Bath.

Minister for Mines and Railways--Mr. P. Collier.

Minister of Justice and Education--Mr. T. Walker.

Minister, for Public Works--Mr. W. D. Johnson.

Colonial Secretary--Mr. J. M. Drew, M.L.C.

Next, the selection of an honorary Minister in each House was conducted, and the choice fell upon--

Mr. J. E. Dodd, in the Upper Chamber;

Mr. W. C. Angwin, in the Assembly.