26a["Fremantle Telegrams", The West Australian, Tuesday 26 March 1912, page 5]


Captain Irvine (Chief Harbourmaster at Fremantle), received the following telegram yesterday from the Wharfinger at Roebourne:--

"Report the loss of the lugger Clara off Depuch; waiting further information. The damage to the Sampson jetty is correct, but considering the circumstance it could have been worse. The water is too thick to ascertain the conditions below. Meantime, there is danger to shipping until the building is secured. No cargo was lost or damaged. The telephone lines are damaged, and unworkable. Serious damage was done to the Junction-Samson tramline, and it will be useless until repaired. Reported Cossack line also damaged. Request Public Works to attend to this section immediately so as to operate from Cossack. Cargo, mails, and passengers to be transhipped by lighters for the present."


26b["Nor'-West Hurricane", The Northern Times (Carnarvon, WA), Saturday 30 March 1912, page 3]





Considerable damage was done at Point Sampson to the wharf, some 60 fender piles and about 30 feet of the T-head being carried away.


Point Sampson jetty is greatly damaged. All the springs and piles are damaged. Sixty piles altogether are gone. There is no chance of steamers coming alongside and all cargo will have to be lightered to Cossack. The tram line has been washed about on the two marshes, but otherwise is in fair order.

26c[Roebourne-Cossack-Port Samson tramline: washaway and gale of March 1912, Harbour and Lights Department, Western Australia, State Records Office of Western Australia. Acc 1066, AN16/5, Item 1912/431, see telegrams from Thomson, Cossack wharfinger, to Irvine, Chief Harbourmaster Fremantle, 20-22 March 1912]

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