44["Pearling Industry", The Register (Adelaide, SA), Friday 01 March 1912, page 5]



Melbourne, February 29.

A decision was made last year by the Federal Cabinet that after a certain date white labour must be substituted for coloured labour in the pearling fishing industry. At present nearly the whole of the diving is performed by coloured men, principally Japanese and Javanese, and the transition period, it is freely acknowledged by Ministers, will be somewhat difficult. It has now been decided by the Commonwealth Government to appoint a royal commission to enquire into the pearling industry, and Mr. Bamford, of Queensland, will be Chairman. The commission will consist of seven members of the Federal Parliament, including the Chairman. The Minister for External Affairs (Mr. Thomas), in announcing to-day the appointment of the commission, said that invitations had been sent to six other members to join it, but until their replies were received he could not announce the names. It is understood, however, that Sr. Givens will be one of the commission.