62["The Tick Question", The West Australian, Friday 14 November 1902, page 4]


Protest Against Relaxing The Regulations.

The Minister for Lands, Dr. Jameson, was waited on yesterday by a deputation representing stock and station owners in the South-Western part of the State, whose object was to protest against the relaxing of the tick regulations governing the admission of East Kimberley stock to this part of the country. Mr. Morton Craig, the Chief Inspector, was present at the interview. Mr. E. Roberts (Yatheroo) explained that what the deputation had to ask was that the tick regulations should be enforced. He had been told that since the yard at Fremantle had been covered with straw, the ticks had increased at a great rate, until now they were very numerous. That fact was conclusive evidence that they would live and thrive in this part of the country.


The Minister said the present boundary line between the East and West Kimberleys was only an imaginary one, and there was a good deal to be said in favour of the substitution of the Leopold Range boundary. The proposal, however, had not yet been discussed in the House. No doubt the solution of the whole difficulty would he the establishment of freezing chambers at Wyndham and Collier Bay. Chilling and freezing were the things they should look to.


AB notes:

An early (1902) reference here to the potential for meat processing at Wyndham.