67["Federal Affairs", The West Australian, Thursday 15 February 1912, page 8]




Melbourne, Feb. 13.

It was stated to-day by the Minister for External Affairs that the post of Administrator of the Northern Territory had been offered to Professor Gilruth, professor of Veterinary Science at the Melbourne University. This gentleman accompanied Professor Baldwin Spencer on a scientific expedition to the Territory, and his report was presented to Parliament last year. Some time ago, when the Government invited applications for the Administratorship, the salary was fixed at 1,500 a year. Asked if this was to be the salary attached to the position, Mr. Thomas replied that the offer had been made to Professor Gilruth at a certain salary, but that until be had received the professor's reply he was not in a position to make a definite statement. The term of the appointment is fixed in the Northern Territory Act at five years. It was subsequently ascertained that the salary offered to Professor Gilruth is 1,750 a year, with 500 a year for expenses.