2[Personal communication, Paul Mishura, Archivist, Scotch College, Melbourne, 2011]


Abraham Davis was born on 16 December 1863 at Melbourne, the son of Woolf and Rachel (nee Moses) Davis, and attended Scotch from 3 October 1877 until December 1879. His entry address was 1 Melburnia Terrace, Drummond Street, Carlton. He was Jewish, and the son of an importer. He may be the Davis who won prizes in 1877 and 1878 (your information appears at least to confirm the 1878 prize). He married Sarah Altson in Victoria in 1890, and we have nothing further about him apart from the registration details of the births of his children, and the fact of his death on the S.S. Koombana.


The 1877 Prize list has a 'Davis' coming 2nd in the 2nd division of Mathematics in the Lower Fourth class. I would think this is Abraham, as no attempt has been made to distinguish him from any other Davis. There was a Davis at Scotch in 1872 who was born in 1858, and as we do not know when he left I can only presume he was gone before 1877, leaving Abraham as the only Davis at Scotch. His score was 692 in a class average of 507. The fact he later starred in Maths suggests he is the same person, as does the natural progression of grades.

In 1878 in Class V, Upper Fifth he was 7th in the Lower Division of Mathematics with a score of 750 (Class Average 638). He was 3rd in Lower Fifth English, Upper Division, with a score of 847 (average 810). In the Lower Division of Bible he came second with a score of 830 (average 590, but this may only apply to the Upper Division). In Latin in the Upper Fourth he was 5th with 821 (average 711). In Lower Fourth Greek he was 7th with 668 (average 586). He was 2nd in Lower Division French in the Lower Fourth with 853 (class average 680) and is denoted as having received a prize.

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