36a[Public Notice, The Nor'-West Echo (Broome, WA), 1915, page ?]

[included in photocopies provided by Graham DeVahl Davis]


That the two respective Partnerships hitherto existing between Abraham Davis deceased

and Maurice Lewis Aarons, viz., "AARONS & CO." of Broome, Pearlers,

and "A. DAVIS & CO." of DeVahl Station, Pastoralists,

were by a Deed of Dissolution dated the 10th day of November, 1915, mutually dissolved.

All liabilities due by both of the above mentioned firms will be paid by Mark Rubin,

the Executor of the will of the said Abraham Davis deceased.

Dated this 11th day of November, 1915.


Solicitor for the said Mark Rubin...

36b[Public Notice, The Nor'-West Echo (Broome, WA), Saturday 11 August 1917, page ?]

[included in photocopies provided by Graham DeVahl Davis]

In Memoriam

AARONS.--A tribute to the memory of Private M. L. Aarons, killed in action on August 8, 1915.

May his soul rest in peace.

His fight he fought, he stood the test.

We will always remember him as one of the best.

(Inserted by his sincere friends Monty (on active service), Joe and Alf. Saunders, Broome.

36c[Advertisement, The Nor'-West Echo (Broome, WA), 1916?, page ?]

[clipping included in photocopies provided by Graham DeVahl Davis]

For Sale


To enable adjustment of accounts between the Estate of Abraham Davis, deceased, and M. L. Aarons, it has been decided to put this property on the market for sale.

Acreage, 300,000

Sheep, 3,500

Horses, 24

Working Bullocks, 27.

Extensive improvements considerably advance of sheep now carried, including 80 miles fencing, 10 mills, wells and bores, fine homestead buildings, yards, plant, tools, etc.

Situated in DeGrey district and embraces old "Callawa" Station, one of the finest little properties in the district.

Good rains and bright prospects.

This would be a fine opportunity for the right man to acquire a promising station, which has provision for 15,000 sheep, with practically no additional outlay in improvements.

For particulars, price, and conditions of sale, apply


Dampier Terrace.