13a[Coroner's Inquest (M. Liebglid), Broome, WA, 30 August 1905 - 26 September 1905, Typed transcript of testimony, Charles Hagen, found bundled with Case 3747: Rex v Hagen & Others, Supreme Court of Western Australia, 1905. State Records Office of Western Australia, Consignment 3473 Bundle 293]

BROOME, 6th September 1905.


CHARLES HAGEN, sworn and saith:--



On the Wednesday morning after breakfast on verandah Liebglid said he reckoned "The man" had nothing to sell but was after something else and that made him (Liebglid) watch him very losely[sic: closely]


On Thursday morning I ask Pablo to come have drink with me, but he refused. When I took Billiard room first I was sleeping in Goldstein's shed near foreshore but I left. On Thursday someone remarked I had a splash of blood on my trouser leg. I joked that it might be Liebglid's blood. I don't know how it got there. They are white pants. They are at washerman's, have only two white suits. Don't remember anyone coming into the supper room before I and Fraser left.

SIGNED C. Hagen.

Signed M. S. Warton


13b[Untitled report, Dampier Despatch (Broome, WA), Saturday 16 September 1905, Issue No. 225, pages 327-328]


The Coroner's Enquiry concerning the death of Mr Mark Liebglid has returned "sine die" after sitting each morning and afternoon for several days. The public and the press being excluded, we are still unable to publish further particulars, but it is an open secret that a large number of witnesses have been examined, and that as the result of their evidence Charles Hagen was arrested at noon on Saturday, charged by the police with the wilful murder of Mark Liebglid. Last week Hagen was subjected to a long examination before the Coroner's Court, and made rambling and contradictory statements concerning his whereabouts at the time of the murder. He was brought before the Police Court on Monday morning, and formal evidence of his arrest in Goldstein's Shell Shed by water-police constable Baker was taken. At the request of the police the prisoner was remanded for eight days, and the Resident Magistrate gave him permission to attend each subsequent sitting of the Coroner's Court. Hagen is a Norwegian, 30 years of age, and unmarried. He has been in Broome for about 3 years, and at one time worked for the Broome Corporation. Since July he has kept the billiard saloon in Carnarvon Street owned by Juvanis and Carpio, and gave up possession on the night following the murder. Before coming to Broome he worked for some years as a gold prospector in the Pilbarra country.

The Manilaman, Simeon Espada, also in prison in connection with the murder, was again brought before the Court on Monday evening, and remanded in custody until today.