14a[Coroner's Inquest (M. Liebglid), Broome, WA, 30 August 1905 - 26 September 1905, Typed transcript of testimony, Pablo Marquez (recalled 25 Sept.), found bundled with Case 3747: Rex v Hagen & Others, Supreme Court of Western Australia, 1905. State Records Office of Western Australia, Consignment 3473 Bundle 293]

PABLO MARQUEZ recalled saith

Knew deceased over two months. Knew Hagen about five years, on Nullagine. Met Simeon last year on "Murphy's Station". When Simeon come out gaol he com stop my place at back of Javanis Billiard Room. Have seen Hagen and Simeon speaking about laters cut foot. A week before the murder Simeon aigned[sic] Lilly's lugger, lugger stayed in creek did not go out. On the Monday before murder went Percy's Hotel about 11 p.m. Mr. Liebglid and Mr. Hagen and some other whites there. Liebglid said "I want you Pablo" then Hagen said "here Pablo I want see you". Me and Hagen go along road to Fabian's Billiard room, sit down edge verandah its high. He told me about some money I owe him I said "I pay tomorrow I get from Mr. Hunter". I left him and went back to Hotel saw Mr. Liebglid who said he was waiting for man to bring a pearl. I see Simeon come from Creek when he come me and Mr. Liebglid go to him Liebglid ask me to tell Simeon to show the pearl. Simeon went close to Mr. Liebglid and they spoke and go together - very quick - towards blacksmiths. I stopped at old Custom Bond, waited. After Mr. Liebglid come back, he say man only got piece baroque worth 5s. but say he got good one that he bring tomorrow that he bring tomorrow, got on lugger. He go home, I go home it was something like 11.30 all places shut. Next morning Tuesday, I went Percy's hotel after breakfast have game with Mr. Percy, while playing Mr. Liebglid come and call me. I go out verandah. He said "You see that man?" I say "No". He said the man told me he was bringing it today. I said "I think he only gammon[sic: gamin'] you." Went back to play. Wen finished pool I went to see Mr. Hunter, saw him See Sing store, then went his house, he came after. He lent me 18.10/0 and I went home I had given him some jewellery as security. I went to billiard room to see Hagen and paid him 8.0.0 and promised balance later. He said "Pablo you know Mr. Lilly's lugger you know that big Jap have pearl, he say he find in ballast", I said he might have, might not. Then I went Streeters and paid a bill. That night saw Hagen asked him lend 5.0.0 promised return it tomorrow. He said he'd lost money gambling. I left. Did not see Liebglid that night Tuesday. On Wed. morning about 9 a.m. - after breakfast - was passing Liebglid's to go my place. Saw him lying down, I say "You not up yet?" He said "No playing cards last night". That night I went Gonzales place it was all shut so I come back, passing Weld Club Hotel Mrs. spoke me few minutes, Mrs. shout drink, few minutes after I shout. Mr. Liebglid come in then, asked him to have one too, he had gladd whiskey and went straight away. After a bit I go home too, then come out again, saw Liebglid on billiard room verandah I went on thro Chis[sic: Chi's] Lane to Neall's Shypoo Shop hearing Fabian and Storres talking. Played crib with Neal two games, then I go away I think about 10 p.m. Met P.C. Trebilcock in lane. I went home found Simeon in the house he opened his box I went my room when I came out I saw two rowlocks in his hand and the sling shot round his waist. I said where you go he said to lugger. He went I went to Billiard room, on to verandah, saw him go John Chi's Lane. About 10 min. after I go Jap gambling house. I heard no noise of playing so I go back near Fabian's I met Liebglid coming. He said Pablo I want you wait while I go Nishicka's. Said he would get some gold money. Don't know if he got it, he came back quick I was waiting between Hasties and the Chinaman Store. Laing Mow's. He came back say "Come on" and we go between Percy's and Rubins new ship. He said the pearl was waiting for him and if he got it he would give a present. Me and him go to sand-beach where there is a small house, next house to Gunderson's, when we got there I see Charlie Hagen on verandah and Simeon close to dinghy with his trousers rolled up. Hagen said "Ready"? Liebglid said "Yes" then two men get into dinghy, Liebglid and Charlie. Simeon pushed off and got in and scull - or ore[sic] behind - I stay shor, they went on to "Mist" and get up. Then Simeon come back and take me, then we altogether stop old schooner "Mist". Liebglid sit on mid hatch of schr, Charlie sit on right hand, I stop near rail When I get up Simeon went into galley and bring back a handkerchief in his hand and give to Mr. Liebglid who when felt the round thing rolled in handkerchief said "My word very good," and started to open the handkerchief, when open altogether he say only lemonade bottle stopper, As soon as he say that Simeon got the sling shot and gave him a very hard hit on the head with it. Don't know what part of head. As soon as hit he jumped up and sang out very loud and went overboard. The vessel was lying over very much. Then Simeon jump over try catch Liebglid. I jumped dinghy and Charlie jumped dinghy. I tried push off dinghy. I tried push off dinghy. Simeon bring - swim with - Liebglid to dinghy and Charlie hold him. Then Simeon got up in dinghy and gave deceased many hits on head and Charlie hit him too with his hand. I don't know if he had anything in hand or not. Signed Pablo Marquez.

After Liebglid sang out two or three times "Murder" he was hanging to dinghy by left hand when Simeon hit him on hand with sling shot, he called out and sank straight down.

Some one on the beach called out "Who's that". Simeon got the two rowlocks out and rowed quickly alongside the outside of the mangroves to past See Sing's boat to the mangroves through the cutting, where before built lugger. Before coming ashore Charlie said don't tell anyone. When ashore I run away up the hill - I was very frightened - and then into town past Sheba's. Then I go to Jap gambling place, see Storres playing, about two minutes he knock off. I said, "Shout". He said, "To-morrow." We all go away, I go home too. Changed my clothes put on pyjamas and went billiard room verandah few minutes. Saw Porto Rico, Wales and his mate. Wales asked if I'd seen Charlie I said "No" they shut billiard room I go macaroni place met McRobles who "shouted" some soup. We very near finished when Charlie and another white came in. McRobles gave him 1/- and we went away. I went home when near house I in lane billiard room passage I heard play at San Juan's. I opened door my house and lock it, take the key. Go San Juan's look on about 10 minutes after hear policeman go out borrow 1.0.0 fro mhim then come in start play, played till 2 a.m. I think. Then all go away to sleep. I went home. I went home to sleep. Thursday morn about 5 a.m. Simeon call me, tell me "Don't you tell anybody about the man being die," and tell me he put a bag behind my shop. Asked me keep it and look out for it. I asked him why he hit that man he said he did not use knife because they would say by and bye colored man killed him. He said somebody think he fall water and drown. Then he went away. I go "W.C." Saw Charlie we said good morning. He then said "Pablo you look out dont you tell nobody this thing. You look out." I went to my barber's shop - I was frightened about the bag - Charlie and I went along footpath when at my shop he said Come and have a drink I said too early. He went on to see Charlie Bamfield. I called Lucas, asked about meat he went out back door, opened bathroom, I saw him open that bag, I said what's that, he said someone like get him in trouble. I told him not to open any more and I chuck away, put in kerosene tin under empty house near by. Lucas say "Go report police" I went to report, he went to butchers. I went right into Mr. Neagle's room told him. He said "You see Sergeant", cant find him so go back my shop. Lucas come we go past Liebglid's along footpath. I call out "You not up yet." I know he dead but wanted Lucas to hear me. We go house, Simeon come back again go into room and take out two flannels I asked "You put that bag there you make me too much trouble" He say nothing but go away take his clothes with him. On Friday I see Hagen fixing up billiard room business with Juvanis, that night I ask him on Dan Che Lin's verandah with Lilly and Neal. Mr. Lilly speak about Simeon. Then Neal, Hagen and I went Neal's shypoo shop into little room, private drink room, I shout talk few minutes and Mr. Neal go away a bit. Hagen say "If you speak stick to one word and you and me wont get into trouble." Then he went away. I too. Next day Saturday saw Hagen Sito's restaurant he say "Policeman after you all the time?" I say "No" He said "Policeman say anything about me?" I say "No." Then he go away. Met him again near Goolds. He say "Pablo policeman come to you all the time" and asked me if they mentioned his name. I said "No" He said "Look here Pablo you know me long time" he put his hand in his pocket and said "I give you this and we will be square" "I'm going away". He gave me the jewellery produced - H - and buttons, two 1. each and two 10s. each. He said "Dont say anything about me." Said he would go Singapore by "Paroo". He said "Dont forget what I tell you." I said "No" We separated. Next day Sunday morning coming from Church met Hagen in Kirby's beer shop, he said "Here Pablo" "You been wear that thing"? I said "No I put away". He asked for them back as they belonged, he said, to someone outside, who was coming in to-day. I said I would give it to him anytime. I did not, as I had used the sovs. already broke them up. After that I never speak him, I see him coming, I go another way. I no want speak him. I frightened. Everyone see me frightened. No one speak me. Saw him following Sunday with bootmaker he asked me if I got any money I say no. The evidence I give before was not alltrue only part. When I come police station Saturday Sergeant say I lock you up and show me paper. I frightened kiss his hand and say I speak true. I said I wanted see Father Rossell[sic] and tell Magistrate. That day I tell half next day I tell everything. From when we went foreshore to time I got back gambling house was about 25 minutes.

(Further examination postponed.)

Inquest adjourned to 26th inst. 2.30 p.m.

14b[Coroner's Inquest (M. Liebglid), Broome, WA, 30 August 1905 - 26 September 1905, Typed transcript of testimony, Pablo Marquez (continuation 26 Sept.), found bundled with Case 3747: Rex v Hagen & Others, Supreme Court of Western Australia, 1905. State Records Office of Western Australia, Consignment 3473 Bundle 293]

26th September, 1905.

PABLO MARQUEZ continuing saith:


Hagen did not say when he gave me the jewellery where it was from. dont know whose dingy it was it was a white one. Did not look to see where it went after I landed. Simeon was on Liebglid's left when he hit him. Liebglid sitting face low side of schooner. I no touch deceased one little bit. I was forward in dingy when they hit him. After seeing Sergeant the first time I wenbt to Mr. Goold I was frightened about the bag. Did not know I would meet Simeon and Hagen on beach. Liebglid did not tell me or who had the pearl. Did not notice anything about the pearl after the Monday. I jumped ashore from dinghy not wet my boots. Hagen was dressed all in white and white hat.


Hatch was all open. Sat on port side hatch Hagen then Liebglid with Simeon standing up on his left. When Simeon hit him he nearly capsize himself. After finish hitting he put in rowlock sat on seat and put slingshot under his leg. Did not notice if water inside hold of schooner. Galley is forward of hatch. Simeon was dressed in dungaree trousers and red shirt and a "Jap" cap Did not tell anyone what had happened nor next day. Only us four on "Mist" no more. Carpio came ask me about it He tell me about some brandy he drink. Then he ask me about the murder. I tell something of it, tell him about Simeon Hagen and me. That night he went mad.

Signed Pablo Marquez.

Signed M. S. Warton R.M. Coroner

Neither Mr. Hall for Hagen nor Simeon wished to cross examine Pablo.

Signed M. S. Warton, R.M.

14c["The Broome Murder", The West Australian, Monday 18 September 1905, page 5]




Broome, September 17.

The inquest in connection with the murder of Mark Liebglid has been adjourned sine die, the object being to await developments. An important development took place yesterday, when Pablo Marques made a statement before Father Russell, the Resident Magistrate (Mr. Watson) and Sergeant Byrne. He stated that he and Simeon Espada (an arrested suspect) took Liebglid on the night of the murder to the scene of the tragedy to secure a valuable stolen pearl. Espada, wore a slingshot as a belt, and carried a heavy rowlock. Marques asserted that he left Espada and Liebglid together immediately before the murder was committed. Beyond this, Marques would say nothing.