25["The Star of the West", The Western Mail (Perth, WA), Friday 08 March 1918, page 8S]

"The Star of the West."


On this page, we give a photograph (exact size), of the 100 grain pearl drop which has been exhibited m Melbourne by Messrs. H. Newman and Sons, jewellers, Elizabeth street. This wonderful natural gem, which is declared by experts to be the finest Australian pearl yet discovered, was found near Broome by one of the luggers of Messrs. Jas. Clark and Co.'s fleet. It is not only on account of its size and shape that the pearl is so highly thought of. The skin is of a beautiful iridescent lustre, slightly diffused with a pinkish tinge. The value of such a pearl is hard to assess, but it is of interest to note that a perfectly round pearl weighing 47 grains, which was the centre pearl of the now famous stolen necklet, was sold in London recently for 14,000, but it must be remembered that a perfectly round pearl of large size will probably command a higher price per grain than a drop. The exhibition of this "Star of the West" caused crowds to gather round Messrs Newman's windows, and it was found necessary to obtain police assistance to keep the people moving. Messrs. James Clark and Co. have not been long identified with pearl shelling in Western Australia, so that this gem is a lucky find. In due course it will, no doubt, find its way to America or London.