36["The Broome Tragedy", The Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 22 November 1905, page 10]



PERTH, Tuesday.

In the Criminal Court this afternoon Charles Hagen, Pablo Marquez, and Simeon Espada, who were recently found guilty of the wilful murder of Mark Liebglid, at Broome, on August 30 last, were brought before Mr. Justice Burnside to be sentenced. The three prisoners stood firmly in the dock, and, with apparent composure, awaited sentence. The Court was crowded. His Honor, addressing the prisoners, said: "The crime of which the jury have found you guilty was one of deliberation, and it was carried out with determination, and regardless of consequences." His Honor then put on the black cap, and solemnly pronounced sentence of death on each prisoner. Hagen received the dread pronouncement with the same unconcern that he exhibited throughout the trial. His face betrayed not the slightest emotion, and his step was firm as he descended from the dock to the cells in the basement of the Court. Espada looked more solemn than usual, but otherwise wore a composed air. Pablo Marquez, who is in delicate health, betrayed some emotion as he accompanied his fellow prisoners to the cells, and gave vent to audible sobs as he disappeared from the view of the spectators.