47[Idriess, Ion L., 1937, Forty Fathoms Deep, Angus & Robertson, Sydney, Chapter 13]




When at long last the steamer came, quite deferentially Gomez saw him off. Sulu watched Broome fading in a blur of tears. He was going home at last. He passed the voyage in dreamland, staring out over the bows, the foam below whispering songs of Manila, Pearl of the Orient. At night he stood with starlight on his face while the voice of Toledo crooned up from the bows.

When the steamer arrived, old Sulu could hardly walk down the gangway, his knees were trembling so, his heart was beating painfully--he could barely see. With a set smile on his lined old face he walked gropingly along the wharf. He stretched out his foot to step upon his native land and fell--dead.