57a["Quarter Sessions", Broome Chronicle (WA), Saturday 19 June 1909]

Quarter Sessions.

Wednesday, June 16, 1909.

(Before the R.M. and Messrs. R. Grey and Archie Male, Js.P

Alleged Receiving of a Pearl.

S. K. Dean was arraigned on a charge of having at Broome, on the 30th day of June, 1907, received one pearl, well knowing the said pearl to have been stolen.

Mr. Frank Martin (of Perth) appeared to prosecute; Mr. L. E. Coleman, for the defence.


57b["Quarter Sessions", Broome Chronicle (WA), Saturday 26 June 1909]

Quarter Sessions

Wednesday--Friday, June 16, 17 and 18, 1909.

Before the R.M. and Messrs. R. Gray and Archie Male, Js.P.

Alleged Receiving Of A Pearl.

(Continued from last issue.)

Mider said he was a pearler, and a partner with accused, carrying on business in Broome; have five boats; went to India for a trip in April, 1907, and returned in October; left accused to manage business; when he came back he had a conversation with accused about pearl; he said he bought a pearl and sold it to Davis for 400 to Davis; he also said he had some more pearls on hand, and showed me some pearls and barroque; told him to sell them to Mr. Davis, and he got 120 to 130 for them;..


from something he heard from the crew came into Broome and saw accused and Janis; asked if it was true he had been getting some pearls from Mr. Percy's schooner; he replied that Bacchi the diver brought a pearl and gave it to accused; then asked accused if the Pearl came from Percy's station; he said "Yes," and that he had given it to Mr. Davis for 400 advance; witness asked him what sort it was, and said a single button;..


A. Davis, pearler and resident manager and attorney for M. Rubin; know the members of the firm Mider and Co; Dean is a partner with Janis; Miden and Co are customers of ours; their boats are mortgaged to us.

Mr. Coleman: How are they with you financially?

Witness: I decline to disclose that.

Mr. Coleman pressed the question and the Bench ruled that Mr. Davis must answer it.

Witness: The firm of Mider and Co owe us over 2,500; in 1907 the account was bad, and it has been bad ever since; further security was required, and the jewellery business of Janis and Co. was taken; the stone was handed to us for sale in September, 1907, but we could not agree on a price, and it was agreed that the stone should be sent on consignment to London; an agreement (copy produced) was drawn up and Dean signed it on behalf of Miden and Co; the further draft read was a ratification of that agreement; there was nothing secret on the part of Dean; it was an ordinary bona fide business transaction all through; paid Dean 400 in advance; it was a 64 1/16 grain high round button pearl, and was in its natural state; can tell if a stone has been cleaned; pearl merchants call a cleaned pearl a made pearl;...