Chapter 1: A Ticket to the Future

Chapter 2: Narrow Seas

Chapter 3: Gulliverís Travels

Chapter 4: Of Fear and Fascination

Chapter 5: This Latest Marvel of Science

Chapter 6: The Great Divide

Chapter 7: A Sea Change For Sailors

Chapter 8: The Dread Visitor

Chapter 9: The Lore of Storms

Chapter 10: The Koombana Blow

Chapter 11: Tom Allenís Dilemma

Chapter 12: The Stubborn, Silent Sea

Chapter 13: The Ill-Fated Complement

Chapter 14: Beyond Human Knowledge

Chapter 15: Fortuneís Crooked Smile

Chapter 16: The Shadow of Misfortune

Chapter 17: The Man Behind The Ghost

Chapter 18: Mythical Beauty