Aarons, Maurice Lewis303

Aborigines, Australian

administrative changes, 1908101

arrests for cattle-killing42, 96–98

Bibbulmun tribes94

Christian marriages90

court appearances98

Darlot killings107–108

ethnological studies106–111

exploitation of87

first contact with Nor’-West settlers34


in pastoral industries275

incarceration42, 98–102

infanticide, reports of90


isolation hospitals31, 103–106, 111–112

Maamba reserve94

message sticks111

mobility and spread of disease103

neck chains and other restraints42, 46, 97–112

Njul Njul tribe91

not seafarers126

royal commission, 1904-595–99

rules of intermarriage107

transfer of prisoners by steamer100–101, 230

Yindjibarndi dialect124

Adelaide Steamship Company

acquisition of Claud Hamilton141

announcement, loss of Koombana203

arrival of Koombana1

decision to build Koombana7–12

instructions to masters47

Koombana inquiry236–238, 240–248

loss of Koombana198, 282–283

Marloo fatality, 1896172–174

Nor’-West demise283–285

Nor’-West trade261, 266–267

search for Koombana189, 196

Adelaide, South Australia213, 217

Admiralty Gulf, Western Australia

shown on map51

Agnes, schooner123

Airey, Captain J. J.197

Albany, steamship

conversion from Claud Hamilton, 1885141


narrow escape, 1897137–142

narrow escape, 1898142

narrow escape, 1899142–143

Albrecht, Edwin113–114, 210

Alcock, W. W.280–281

Alert, tug71

Alexander Stephen & Sons, shipbuilders11–12, 59, 237, 261

Allen, Marmion165

Allen, Sarah165

Allen, Seaborn Robert Cottrell165

Allen, Thomas Maurice

and Koombana passengers227–228

as Port Adelaide pilot174–175

at sea from age fourteen165–166

cautious commander246


Cuzco disablement, 1878166–167

delivery command, Echunga176–177

delivery command, Junee176

early career progression169

events of March 20th, 1912179–186, 236, 243, 247–248, 250

exchange of ships with John Rees72, 177

experience with sail and steam170

finding of culpable negligence, 1897171–174

first command170

gold prospecting170–171

Koombana inquiry finding242

master of Koombana, 1911–12177–179, 246–247

royal visit, 1900174–175

Allen, Thomas, Senior165

Allinga, steamship283–285

Alto, topsail schooner307–308

Amalgamated Wireless Australasia (A.W.A.)85

Amphinome Shoals, Western Australia43, 188

Amsterdam and St Paul (islands)65

Amy, schooner36

Anchor Islandsee Bessieres Island

Andersen, C., Koombana fireman212

Andriassen, Christian, second mate, Crown of England157

Angelo, Edwin H.30, 262

ants, flying51


Arafura, pearling lugger221

Arago, Jacques Etienne Victor25

Ararat, Victoria301

Armadale, Western Australia225

armistice, 1919278

Arrow, James Grant210

artesian water8, 226

Ascot Station53

Ashburton River, Western Australia32–33, 110, 123, 127, 137, 249, 263–265, 276

shown on map33

Assam, steamship169

Atkinson family, Carnarvon30

Augustine, tender aboard Cleopatra307–308

Aurora, pearling lugger244

Australasian United Steam Navigation Company189

Australasian Wireless Limited85

Australian Government


Court of Conciliation and Arbitration114–116, 118–120

Excise Tariff (Agricultural Machinery) Act 1906115

Federal Parliament62, 114–115

Australian Labor Party115–118

Australian Seamen’s Award, 1911118–120, 213

Australian Workers’ Union224, 251–252

Australind, steamship127


Aylward, James Thomas (Jim)253–254, 257–258


Bailey, C. A., lost with Koombana226

Bailey, Garnet Sydney227

Baker, A., Koombana passenger226

Balla Balla, Western Australia

cyclone, April 1898157

loading of copper ore149

shown on map150

Ballarat, Victoria172

Baltic, White Star liner75

Bamford, Frederick William (Fred)269–270, 274

Banger, William70

Banningarra Creek, Western Australia244

baobab tree49


Barclay Curle & Company, shipbuilders59

Bardwell, Bernard322

Barker, Walter

“Alien Influx” editorials41–42

and Koombana inquiry241–242, 248

on Aborigines and the legal system42

on Koombana firemen’s strike117–118

on the fate of Koombana250

on “the native question”87

praise of Koombana39

recollections of March 20th, 1912180, 246–247

zealous defence of Port Hedland39, 42

Barlee, Frederick Palgrave122

Barrambi, Western Australia107

Barrow Island, Western Australia103–104, 196

shown on map33, 185

Barry, Thomas225

basic wagesee Harvester Judgment

Batavia, port189

Bates, Daisy May87–89, 91–95, 106–111

Bates, H., Koombana passenger225


Batty, Mrs, ‘lock hospital’ cook31

Beadon Point, Western Australia264–265

Beagle Bay, Western Australia


shown on map51

Beagle, steamship131–132

Bedford, Admiral Sir Frederick317

Bedout Island, Western Australia

confused with Bezout Island244–245

dangerous turning point185–186, 188, 196–197

focus of Koombana search188, 195–196

shown on map33, 185

south-western reef188

unattended light44, 195, 198, 204–206, 250

Belfast, Ireland217–218


Bell, sailing ship221

Benedict, Claude H. (Bennie)215

Bennie, B. J.188, 195–196

Berkshire, England223


Bernier Island, Western Australia30–31, 103–105, 109–110

shown on map29

Bessieres Island, Western Australia137

Bezout Island, Western Australia245–246

Bin Ahmat, Malay crewman of Clara159, 162

Binning, Thomas Henry226

Binns, Jack74–75

Bird Island, near Cape Town67

Birt, William Radcliff146

“Bishop’s Ghost”see Davis, Abraham de Vahl

Black Nymph, sailing ship145

“Black Paddy”, boxer229

Black, Neil, Junior63

Black, William Patrick218

Blackwell, Francis172–174

Blades, John Stephen (Jack)215

Blue Anchor Line59, 63, 71

Blue Funnel Line187

Blue Star Line277

Blythe, Joseph, Senior223

Board of Trade, London


Waratah inquiry69, 71


Bonaparte Archipelago, Western Australia

shown on map51

Bournemouth, England215

Bow, Florence214

Bow, Harold (Harry)214


Bragg, Professor William61

Brandt-Rantzausee Rantzau

Briden, Annie229–230

Briden, Elizabeth (Dollie)230

Briden, Harry229–230

Briden, Harry, Junior (Otto)230

Briden, Mollie230

Bridgetown, Western Australia224

Brighton, England214–215

Bristol, England212–214

Britannia, pearling lugger159, 163

British Empire278

Brockman, John124–125

Brooking Creek Station223

Broome, Sir Frederick Napier27

Broome, Western Australia

and White Australia policy269, 283

“Bishop’s Ghost”287, 303

charity of Father Nicholas Emo89–90


cyclone, November 1910160

Davis residence “De Vahl”293–294, 300, 303

English pearl divers, 1912270–273, 297

ethnic mix44

illicit pearl trade308, 311–312, 323–324

Japanese quarter296

Mark Liebglid murder306, 308–311

Pearlers’ Association133–134

pearling industry221


prostitution46, 296

Quarter Sessions, June 1909323–324

role of citizens in Koombana search187–189, 195–196

ships left stranded by tide65–66, 215

shown on map33, 51, 185

susceptibility to cyclones132–135

tidal port181, 187

water supply226–227

winter pearling season219

Brown, Alfred Radcliffesee Radcliffe-Brown


Bryant, Albert Edward212

Buccaneer Archipelago, Western Australia

shown on map51

Bullarra, steamship

arrival in Western Australia, 1900146

at Port Hedland, March 20th, 1912179–182


discovery of Koombana wreckage203

Nor’-West service 1913–15284–285

replaced by Koombana7

role in Koombana search190, 195–196, 202–203

storm at sea, March 1912160–162, 187, 190, 239–240, 258–259

stranded by tide at Broome45

transport of Aboriginal prisoners42

Bunbury, Western Australia129

Buninyong, steamship171

Burkin, George215

Burkin, William H.211, 215–217

Burns, Tommy, Canadian boxer79–80

Burnside, Robert Bruce315–316

Burrows, Walter217

Burrumbeet, steamship57

Burt, Octavio101

Butcher Inlet, Western Australia34, 130–132

Buttle, Minnie227

Buttle, Police Corporal Frank Taylor227, 274

Byrne, Police Sergeant John309

Báthory, Stefan, King of Poland 1576–86287


Cable Beach, Western Australia134

Cairns, Queensland273

Cambridge Gulf, Western Australia

shown on map51

Camden Sound, Western Australia

shown on map51

Canadian Pacific Line82

Cane, Fred229

Cant, Frederick William217

Cape Agulhas, South Africa63

Cape Bossut, Western Australia

shown on map33, 185

Cape Bougainville, Western Australia

shown on map51

Cape Bowling Green, Queensland71

Cape Cuvier, Western Australia

shown on map29

Cape Inscription, Western Australia

shown on map29

Cape Keraudren, Western Australia126, 184

shown on map33, 185

Cape Latouche Treville, Western Australia271

Cape Leeuwin, Western Australia167

Cape Leveque, Western Australia46

shown on map47, 51

Cape Levillain, Western Australia13

shown on map29

Cape Londonderry, Western Australia

shown on map51

Cape Northumberland, South Australia165

Cape Peron, Western Australia

shown on map29

Cape Town63, 67

Cape Verde Islands221

Cape Voltaire, Western Australia

shown on map51

capital punishment316–319

Cappelli, Lawrence253–259

Carlos, George155

Carnarvon, Western Australia

and Koombana search189

annual race meeting109

Carnarvon Hotel fire, 1913262–263

“Coffee Pot” locomotive28



drought 1911–14261–263

flood, January 190929–30


irrigation farming261–262

rat plague262–263

shown on map29

wealth from wool28

Carton, William214

Catechism of the Law of Storms (Macnab)146, 193–194

Catholic Church

Bishop of Perth87–93, 95

Pope Leo XIII115

Rerum Novarum, encyclical, 1891115

Trappist missionaries88–93

Cattellini, Franksee Cappelli, Lawrence

Celezis, Con155


Challenor, Captain John245–246

Chandros, Dimitris155

Charles Moore & Company31

Charon, steamship41, 65, 268, 300

“Cheriton” estate, Gingin223

Chislehurst, Kent, England215

Christie, Arthur Mowbray210

Church of England

Bishop of the North-West287, 303

Churchill, Winston75–76

City of Benares, ship166

City of Madras, ship166

City of Ningpo, ship166

Clan McIntyre, steamship59

Clapham, England215

Clara, pearling lugger159

Clark, James, pearler221

Clarke, Bert181–182

Clarke, Elizabeth225

Clarke, Henry14–15, 22–23, 238–239

Clarke, James William, shearer225

Clarke, James, agent for ‘Singapore line’189

Clarke, Thomas (Tommy)244

Clarke, William Job212–213

Claud Hamilton, sail-rigged steamship141

Cleopatra, pearling lugger307–308

Clinch, Eliza222–223

Clinch, Frederick W. B. (Fred)222–223, 274

Clinton, Peter C. (Petie)214

Clydebank shipyards59

Clyo, lighter150–152, 155–156

‘cock-eyed bob’, whirlwind195

Collier Bay, Western Australia

shown on map51

Collins, W. E. (Algy)187, 191–193, 199–200

Colonial Secretary of Western Australia

1855–1875see Barlee, Frederick Palgrave

1902–1904see Kingsmill, Walter

1904–1905see Taylor, George

1906–1911see Connolly, James Daniel

1911–1916see Drew, John

Commonwealth Steamship Owners’ Association114, 116, 118–119

Concordia, iron barque149, 152, 155–156

Condon, Western Australia

cyclone of 1896129–130

demise of43–44

jetty planned but not built43


Tiffany’s Jetty130

Traini’s Condon Hotel129–130

Congo Free State73

Congregational church21

Connelly, George253–255, 258

Connolly, James Daniel

defence of ‘lock hospitals’104

inspection of ‘lock hospitals’104–106

‘lock hospital’ repatriations111

Nor’-West tour, 191037, 101–102

Connor Doherty Durack & Company276

Connor, Frank276–277

Connor, Tom173–174

Conrad, Joseph, novelist139–140, 146–147

Constance, pearling lugger187

Contest, barque165

Coolgurra Creek, Western Australia124–125

Coorong, steamship174

Copley, S. W.277

copper mining149

Coppin, Chris126–127

Cork, Ireland212

coronial inquest

Mark Liebglid, Broome, 1904311–312, 315–316

Thomas Blackwell (Marloo passenger), 1897172–174

Thomas Darlington, Whim Creek, 1911257–258


Cossack, Western Australia

Asian population266–267

devastating cyclone, April 1898142

government buildings36


naming and renaming of35

Paxton’s boarding house132

pearling industry301

settlement of121

shown on map33, 185

Tee & Company132

town wharf36

tramway spur line265–267

Weld Hotel130–132

White Horse Hotel130, 132

Coughlan, John Francis (Jackie)211

Court of Marine Inquiry

Koombana grounding, 190957–58

Koombana reef strike, 190957–58

loss of Koombana, 1912235–250

loss of Yongala, 1911239, 248

Cowain, William Laughton224

Cox, Captain, Tottenham64

Craigie, James S.223

Crimean War165

Crippen, Cora (a.k.a. Belle Elmore)82–83

Crippen, Hawley Harvey82–83

Crosbie, James (Jim)217

Crossley, James266–267, 284

Crotty, Master Thomas Charles227–228

Crown of England, iron barque

brief history149

destruction of, March 1912152–155


burial of the dead158

survival of Martin Olsen154

survival of Matthias Holst154

Croydon, steamship131

Crozet Islands65

Cue, Western Australia225–226

Cuney, William Waring81

Cussen, Melbourne magistrate302–303

Cuzco, barque-rigged passenger steamer166–169


Barbados, 1831144

Shark Bay, 1839121

Roebourne, 1872121–123

Exmouth Gulf, 1875123

Mary Ann Patch, 1881124–125

Eighty Mile Beach, 1887126–127

Onslow to Bunbury, 1893127–129

Condon, 1896129–130

Cossack, 1898130–132, 142, 157

Broome, April 1908132–133

Broome, December 1908133

Onslow, April 190933–34

Broome, November 1910134–135, 160

Koombana Blow”, March 1912149–163, 184, 187, 191, 194, 200, 205, 239–240

as fact of Nor’-West life160

characteristics of121, 123, 127, 133

damage to infrastructure163, 187

etymology of “willy-willy”123–124

first-hand accounts of122–125

formation and development of184

storm surge124–125, 131–132

turbidity of sea after200


Daglish, Henry94–95

Dalgety & Company224, 283

Dalton (or D’Alton), Ernest James225

Dalwallinu, Western Australia225

Dalziel, Captain Oswald C.188, 196, 202–203, 205–206

Dampier Archipelago, Western Australia196

shown on map33, 185

Darlington, Thomas253–259

Darlot, Western Australia107–108

Darwin, Northern Territory277

Davey, William Libby226

Davies, Evan218–219

Davies, Robert W.215, 219

Davis, Abraham de Vahl

aboard Koombana, March 1912220

and the roseate pearl305, 322–325




Jewish faith288–289, 291, 297–298, 302

letters to mark son’s bar mitzvah297–299

marriage288–289, 293, 299–300

on value of pearls315

origin of name “de Vahl”288

part-time rabbi293

partnership with Mark Rubin291–292, 294, 297

pearl buying expertise297, 302

president of congregation289, 291

protection of reputation323–324

supposed ghost of287, 303

views on pearling industry295–297

will and estate302–303

Davis, Cecily (née Altson)288–289, 292–293, 297, 299–303

Davis, Dorothy293

Davis, Gerald de Vahl289, 297–299

Davis, James S.220–221, 302

Davis, Moses De Vahl, born 1856288

Davis, Moses De Vahl, born 1895288

Davis, Rachel288–289

Davis, Woolf288–289

Dawn, schooner36, 127

Day, J., second officer, Tottenham64

Daylesford, Victoria208

De Beers, diamond mining315

De Forest Company73

De Grey River, Western Australia

shown on map33

Dean, Simon K.323–324

Deller, Albert Ernest218

Denham Sound, Western Australia

shown on map29

Denham, Western Australia

navigation channel13–14

absence of deepwater jetty28

first impressions of27

stench of ‘pogey’26

disembarkation of passengers14



shown on map29

Dent Island, Queensland71

Depuch Island, Western Australia

anchorage149, 257–258

cyclone, February 191170

cyclone, March 1912149–163, 194, 259


shown on map33, 150, 185

squall, February 191066

Derby, Western Australia

description of49

engagement with Koombana274–275

extreme tides65–66

meat processing works50

royal commission hearings, 190496–98

shown on map185

terminus port72, 177–178

d’Espeissis, Adrian261–262

Devil’s Island, French Guiana289

Dew, Walter82–83

Dick, William C.215

Dirk Hartog Island, Western Australia25, 128

shown on map29

disablement at sea

Cuzco, 1878166–169

Waikato, 189963


Blackwater fever51–52



syphilis31, 103–104, 111

Dixon, Sir Raylton176

Dona Matilda, pearling lugger244

Doorawarrah, Western Australia263

Dorre Island, Western Australia30–31, 104–106

shown on map29

Dorset, England214

Dove, Heinrich William146

Dowley, Edward Poor, Fremantle Magistrate114, 235, 240

Downie, Joseph212–213

Doyle, James229

Drake, Alfred224

Drew, John235, 279–282

Dreyfus, Captain Alfred289–291

drought, Nor’-West, 1911–14261–265, 267–269, 275–276

Drummond, Jim224

Drysdale River, Western Australia90

Dublin211, 214, 217

Dundee, Scotland212

Dungarvan, Ireland214

Durack family51, 53

Durban59, 61–62

Durham, Henry214–215

Dwyer, Jack (“Jockey Jack”)224

Dwyer, Michael (Jack)214


East London, South Africa62–64

East Moore Island, Western Australia159

shown on map150

Eastern Extension Telegraph Company187

Echunga, cargo steamship176–177, 209

Egg Island Bay, Western Australia27

Eighty Mile Beach, Western Australia

cyclone, April 1908132–133

cyclone, December 1908133

cyclone, March 1887126–127

pearling grounds125–126, 306

search for Koombana along188

shown on map33, 185

track of cyclone, March 1912184

Elder Shenton & Company222

Ellery, James H.39

Ellies, Thomas Bastian (“T.B.”)320–322, 324–325

Elsie, pearling lugger244

Emma, schooner121

Emo, Father Nicholas Maria89–93

Encounter, H.M.S.213

Enterprise, schooner153

Eos, pearling lugger221

Eriksen, Captain O. E.152

Escape Pass, Western Australia47

shown on map47

Espada, Simeon306, 309–312, 317–319

Esterhazy, Major Ferdinand289

Ethel, schooner124

ethnic groupssee nationalities

Eurus, pearling lugger271

Evans, John220, 301

Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia31, 123, 127, 137

Experience, pearling lugger293


Farnell, Farnell213

Farnell, William Alexander213

Farrance, Percy215

Farrow, George225

Faure, Félix, President of France 1895–99290

Fawcett Storey, P.67

Federated Seamen’s Union of Australia114–120, 213

Ferret, steamship215

Finnerty, P., Koombana steward217

fire extinguisher, Clayton’s system68–69

Firth, Captain F.60–61

fish and fishing13, 17–18, 20, 70, 105–106

Fisher, Balla Balla beachcomber159–160

Fisk, Ernest Thomas76–78, 81–82, 84–86

Fitzpatrick, W., Koombana fireman212–213

Fitzroy River, Western Australia275

shown on map51

Fleet Street, London80

Fletcher, Constable Bertram Henry229

Flinders, steamship128–129

Florence Hadley Harvey, cutter127

Florida, Lloyd Italiano liner75

Florizel, seal-hunting steamer77

Forestier Bay, Western Australia

shown on map150

Forrest Emanuel & Company221–222

Forrest, David249

Forrest, John (later Sir John)44, 93, 165, 269–270

Forrest, Thomas (Tom)223

Forte, H.M.S., cruiser61

Fortescue River, Western Australia123–124

shown on map33

Foss, Charles, Carnarvon Magistrate27, 263


‘Dreyfus affair’289–291

Foreign Legion (Légion étrangère)257, 259

Franck, Captain307

Fraser, Malcolm, W.A. Registrar-General93–94

Fraser, Sir Malcolm127

Free Welsh Church215

Freer, Anastasia211

Fremantle, Western Australia

arrival of Koombana, February 19091

arrival of Otranto, July 191076

Castlemaine Brewery67

Comet Skating Rink229

Emerald Isle Hotel165

English divers, February 1912220–221

Fire Brigade68–70

Fremantle Gaol317–319


Koombana firemen’s strike, 1911113–120

Koombana inquiry235, 249

Liveringa shearers, March 1912224–225

planned wireless station84

police court113–114

reception for Bullarra, 1900146

Smith’s Railway Hotel214

storm, February 1893128–129

Victoria Quay12, 68–70

Waratah bottle hoax67

Furlong, G., Koombana fireman212


Gainsburg, H.218

Gala, Silber307–308

Gale, Charles99–100, 104


Gantheaume Point, Western Australia55–56, 58

shown on map33, 185

Gardiner, Joseph196, 243–244

Gascoyne River, Western Australia

drought 1911–14262

flooding29–30, 128

shown on map29

vast catchment30

Gee, Gordon Alan214

Gem, small steamer169

Geographe Channel, Western Australia

shown on map29

Geraldton, Western Australia

port facilities57

rowing club219

Liveringa shearers, March 1912225–226

anxiety for Koombana192

announcement, loss of Koombana203


Gibney, Bishop Matthew87–93, 95

Gilbert, Mr, Koombana passenger229

Gilham, George227

Gilham, Miss, Koombana passenger227, 274

Gilham, Mrs, Koombana passenger227, 274

Gillen, Francis James106

Gillies, Kitty209

Gilruth, Dr John Anderson277

Gingin, Western Australia223


Clydebank shipyards59, 176

Koombana crew26, 212, 214, 217, 302

Robert Guthrie116

Glenbank, iron barque70–71, 160

Glenrowan, Victoria88

Goddard, Thomas (Tom)225

“Gogo”see Margaret Downs Station

gold mining36, 39, 49

Gooch, George223

Gorgon, steamship

role in Koombana search187, 189, 191, 199–203

discovery of Koombana wreckage199–201, 267

popularity after Koombana284

Gothic, Aberdeen liner214

Government of Victoria63

Government of Western Australia

changes of government94–95

Chief Protector of Aborigines99–100, 104

Colonial Secretary’s Office101, 104, 111

Comptroller-General of Prisons101

Public Works Department226–227, 266–268, 278

Scaddan Labor ministry 1911–16117–118, 264–268, 276–282

Governor of Western Australia

1869–1875see Weld, Sir Frederick Aloysius

1883–1890see Broome, Sir Frederick Napier

1903–1909see Bedford, Admiral Sir Frederick

1909–1913see Strickland, Sir Gerald

Grant, Thomas Millar217

Grantala, steamship11, 84, 158, 208

Great Fish River, South Africa62–63

Green, Edgar P.226

Greenwich, England226

Gregory, Ancell Clement133

Gregory, Francis Thomas34–35

Gron, Hans, steward, Crown of England157–158

Gron, Karl, cabin boy, Crown of England156

Growden, Frederick Henry (Fred)159–160, 162, 252, 254–258

Guelph, Union-Castle liner59

Gulf of Carpentaria221

Gunn, Murdoch209

Gunning, Fred213

Guthrie, Robert Storrie116–117, 120


Hadley Pass, Western Australia

shown on map47

Hagen, Charles306, 309–310, 312, 316–318

Haile, Harry255

Hall, Captain, Black Nymph145

Hall-Russell Line62

Hamelin Pool, Western Australia128

Hamilton, John, Queensland politician95–96

Harding River, Western Australia35, 130–131

Hare, Frederick Arthur99

Harper Brothers, pearlers219

Harper, George N.188, 219, 302

Harper, Gilbert219, 302

Harper, Hugo188, 195, 202, 219, 302

Harper, Norman219

Harriet, schooner36, 131

Harrington, England214

Harris, Francis Hedley208

Hartel, H., Koombana passenger229

‘Harvester Judgment’116

Hassan, Malay pearl diver221

Hattrick, Jack299–302

Hayes, James223

Hayman, Herbert Henry255

Haynes, J. H.127

Haynes, Richard317

Hedditch family230

Heffernan, M.213–214

Heirisson Flat, Shark Bay13–14

“Henrietta”, skipper of The Shark109–110

Henry, Robert225

Herbert, Fred213

Herd Island65

Hermes, H.M.S., cruiser61, 63

Higgins, Henry Bourne114–116, 118–119

Hill, Ernestine305–307, 313–314, 319

Hill, Thomas James151–152, 156–158, 254, 259

Hobart, Tasmania165

Hogan, Melbourne solicitor302–303

Hogg Island, southern Indian Ocean65

Holmes, Joseph J.280

Holst, Matthias154

Hong Kong145

Houlahan, police sergeant173–174

Howitt, Alfred William106

Huddart-Parker Line57

Hughes, J. (Harry)215

Hughes, Lawrence82

Hughes, William Morris (Billy)85

Hunt, Charles Cooke34

Hunter, C. R.138, 141–142

Hunter, Edmund Harold (Ted)187

Hurford, William Henry226

Hurrell, Captain P. C.70–71, 197

hurricanessee cyclones


Idriess, Ion L. (“Jack”)

fact and fiction305, 319–320, 322–323

Forty Fathoms Deep306–307, 311–312, 319–322

in Broome, 1933305–306, 320–322

Over The Range320

popularity of books305

travelling writer305–307

Ilbery, Captain Joshua59


immigration166, 213–214



beef cattle8–9, 50–51, 219, 221–222

copper mining149

pearl-shelling8, 219, 221–222

wool growing7–8, 219

Innamincka, steamship214, 218

Innes, William Booth (Jock)209


Insizwa, Hall-Russell liner62–63, 69

Ireland, Wallace Bruce229

Irvine, Captain Charles

career and retirement249

inquiry, Koombana grounding, 190958

inquiry, Koombana reef strike, 190958

Nor’-West tour, 191029, 37

role in Koombana search188–189, 196

inquiry, loss of Koombana, 1912235–236, 241, 249

opinion of Koombana249

Irvine, Claude249

Isdell River, Western Australia96



Jackson, John, Koombana crewman218

Jamieson, Norman C.208

Jarman Island, Western Australia34

Jarman, Captain John T.34

Java44, 275–276

Jeffries, James J., boxer78, 80–81

Jenkins, Edith E.222, 274

Jenkins, Peter214

Jenkins, Robert Henry (Rob)222, 274

Jessie, schooner126–127

John Sanderson & Company, Melbourne62

Johnson, Francis William (Frank)113–114, 118, 210–211

Johnson, John Arthur (Jack), boxer78–81

Johnson, Joseph Madison221

Johnson, William (Bill)262

Jones, David, shearer226

Jones, G., Koombana cook218

Jones, William, Koombana cook218

Joseph Bonaparte Gulf, Western Australia

shown on map51



‘Dreyfus affair’289–291

East Melbourne congregation289, 291

emphasis on education288

‘one-day King of Poland’287–288

respect for lineage288–289

traditions and observance297–298

Émile Zola and “J’Accuse...!”290–291

Junee, cattle steamer176, 212, 214


Kader, Abdul42

Kalander Bux, schooner133

Kalgoorlie, Western Australia217, 223

Kanowna, steamship299

Karoola, steamship116, 214

Karrakatta, pearling lugger159, 163

Karrakatta, steamship89

Kate Carney Island, Western Australia124

Kate, pearling lugger124–125

Katola, Antle70–71

Katzenellenbogen, Saul287–288

Kay, Alexander Patrick258

Kearns, John217

Keenan, Norbert257–259

Kelly, Edward (Ned)88

Kelly, Walter John209–210

Kendall, Captain Henry George82

Kerguelen Island65

Khan, Asala, Enterprise passenger153

Kimberley Pastoral Company221–222

Kimberley region, Western Australia

beef cattle industry50–51, 274–278

pioneering families51

shown on map51

size of properties51

spectacular coastline50, 71

wool industry50–51

King George V175

King Sound, Western Australia46–47

shown on map47, 51

“King’s Evidence”306, 309

Kingsmill, Walter95

Kinley, W. R. A.208, 218

Knight, Rupert Leonard Tower (Len)134–135

Komura, steamship213

Kooki, pearling cutter244


Aboriginal repatriations31, 49, 53, 111–112

and the roseate pearl305, 322, 324–325

and Waratah, parallels59–60

and Yongala, parallels239, 248

at Broome134–135

at Port Hedland, March 19th, 1912324

captain’s cabin208

cargo capacity9, 11

cattlemen’s quarters218–219, 224

choice of name11

choice of shipbuilder11

considered unlucky58

deck games16–17

deck structure6

design10–11, 59–60

difficulties, Geraldton57

difficulties, Port Hedland177–182

disappearance of163, 302

discovery of wreckage195, 199–204

distress message, possibility of187, 192–193

draft at Port Hedland246–247

dry-docked, July-August 191172

dry-docked, June-July 190958

electrical appliances4–6, 48–49

engagement with Nor’-West ports267, 274–275

engineers’ cabins208–210

final departure, March 20th, 1912179–182, 243–248

firemen’s quarters211–213

firemen’s strike, November 1911113–120, 178, 210–211, 213, 217, 279

first arrival, Geraldton13

first arrival, Onslow32–34

first arrival, Port Hedland39

first departure for the Nor’-West12

first impressions of1–6

fodder fire, January 191170

Gantheaume Point incident, April 190955–56, 58

identifying the missing, 1912207

inquiry finding242

inquiry into disappearance of235–250

insurance settlement282–283

interior appointments2–4, 39

management of water ballast177–179, 182–184, 236–237, 246

Marconi wireless apparatus72, 84, 192–193

motor launch16, 18, 21–22

news of disaster200–204

officers’ cabins208

prisoners, March 20th, 1912230


railway iron as ballast238–239

replacement, question of261, 283

seamen’s quarters211, 213–214

search for, 1912187–206, 259

service to Wyndham50, 53

shallow draft11

Shark Bay grounding, March 190913–24, 55

shearers lost with ship224–226

social debut56

social hall15–16


speculation regarding fate of191–194, 203–204, 242, 250

squall, Depuch Island, February 191066, 238–239

stability11, 65–66, 237–239, 242, 249–250

stewards’ quarters214–217

storm, Wyndham, February 191171

superiority to competition39

the case for building7–10

tides and schedule177–178

‘too good for the trade’1, 66

tribute to those lost207–230

wool fire, October 191068–69

Kurnalpi, steamship114

Kwinana (formerly Darius), steamship279–280, 282

Kyarra, steamship114


La Grange Bay, Western Australia96

La Pellegrina, famous pearl313

Lacepede Islands, Western Australia191, 194

shown on map185

Lagrange Baysee La Grange Bay

Lang, Andrew, English anthropologist94

Largo Law, steamship57

Laurentic, White Star liner82

Laverton, Western Australia107

Law of Stormssee storms at sea

Lawrence, George H.225

Legendre Island, Western Australia70

shown on map33, 185

Leichhardt, Sydney suburb217

Lenihan, Harriet Patricia31, 46, 49–50, 53, 103, 106, 111–112

Levins, James (“Nish”)214, 217

Levins, Mary217

Lewis, William (Bill)225

Ley, William Clement146

Liebglid, Mark306, 308–312


Bedout Island195–198, 204–206

promised or planned12

shipmasters’ consensus, 1906196–197

Lilly, Carl308

Lily of the Lake, schooner123

Lithuania287, 291

Liveringa Station51, 219, 224

‘Liveringa team’see Koombana/shearers lost with ship

Liverpool212, 214–215, 218–219

Llanelly, Victoria226

Lloyd Italiano Line75

‘lock hospitals’see Aborigines, Australian/isolation hospitals


Crippen murder case82–84

interest in Johnson-Jeffries fight80

Koombana crew211–213, 215, 218

pearl shell trading271, 273–274, 292

recruitment of white divers270

Lovegrove, Frederick103, 106

Lovegrove, Thomas103, 172–174

Low, James Galloway (Jim)

at Shark Bay, March 190916, 18, 21–22

first impression of Derby48

impressions of Broome44–45

McDonald & Low, Broome engineers302

on Broome’s “white experiment”272–273

on cyclones135

on death of William Webber271–272

on Gantheaume Point incident56, 58

on loss of Koombana302

on Nor’-Westers and Koombana48–49

on Shark Bay ‘pogey’26

on Shark Bay society27

on transport of prisoners100–101

positive impression of Nor’-West life53

lunar cycle178

lynching, threats of256

Lyon, Harry A.210



McAuley family52

McCallum, Leonard, private investigator299–300

McDermott, Delia211

McDermott, T., Koombana fireman212–213

McDonald, Charles62

McDonald, Hugh158

McDonald, Jock

chief engineer, Koombana15

McDonald & Low, Broome engineers302

opinion of Koombana192

singing voice15

McDonnell, Thomas214

McDougall, chief engineer of Cuzco167

Macedonia, P. & O. liner76, 81

McFarlane, Melbourne solicitor302–303

McGovern, Evelyn227

McGowan, Frank224

McGuckin, J., Koombana crewman214

McIntosh, Hugh Donald79–80

McKay, Hugh Victor115

Mackay, Queensland71, 221

McKay, Samuel107

“McKenzie’s fever mixture”52

McKibbin, William J.224

McLhennan, pearling lugger188

McNab, Duncan, pioneer missionary91

Macnab, John138–139, 146, 193–194

McRouble, A., Koombana passenger221

McSwain, Donald224

MacWhirr, Conrad’s fictional shipmaster146–147

Maggie Gollan, schooner131–132

Maginnis, Edward P. (Eddie)

Balla Balla wharfinger151–152


life and career158

mandolin playing15

second officer, Koombana15, 158

Maginnis, Ellen158

Maginnis, Maude158

Main, Robert William228–229

Male, Archie45

Mangan, John Joseph (Jack)211

Mangan, Maggie211

Mangan, Minnie211

Mangrove Islands, Western Australia125

Manila277, 319

Marble Bar, Western Australia267

Marconi, Guglielmo73

Marere, steamship60–61

Margaret Downs Station222–223, 275

Marion Island65

Marloo, steamship171–174, 211, 215

Marmion, sailing ship139–140

Marmion, William165

Marquez, Pablo306, 309–312, 317–319

Martelli, Dean88, 91, 93

Martin, G. Frederick (Fred)226

Martin, Jack53

Mary Ann Passage, Western Australia196

Mary Ann Patch, Western Australia124–125

Mathews, Robert Hamilton94

Matthews, Charles (Charlie)224

Maxfield, G. T.2

Maximilian III, Archduke of Austria287

Meagher, J., Cossack132

Meda Pass, Western Australia

shown on map47

Meda Station222

Meeinderry, small coastal steamer169–170

Meekatharra, Western Australia110

Melbourne Hebrew School288

Melbourne Steamship Company227


Court of Conciliation and Arbitration116, 118–119

false report, Waratah sighted62

headquarters of Seamen’s Union119–120

Koombana crew213

Spencer Street railway station78

third search for Waratah63–64

Meldrum, Charles146

Memorie Storiche dell’ Australia (Salvado)94

Mercury, Port Adelaide mailboat174

Merry, Walter69

Middlesbrough, England176, 215

Mills, Captain Andrew189, 194, 196–197, 201–202

Mills, Captain Arthur308

Milne, William Patrick226, 302

Mina, pearling lugger188, 195

Minderoo Station249

Minderoo, steamship

role in Koombana search189, 194, 196, 201–203

discovery of Koombana wreckage201–202

popularity after Koombana284

deportation of Joseph Seleno260

Minilya River, Western Australia262

Minilya, steamship78, 197

“Missie”see Lenihan, Harriet

Mist, derelict schooner309–310

Moa, pearling lugger293

Moira, cattle steamer189, 191, 194

Monkey Mia, Western Australia128

Montebello Islands, Western Australia189, 191, 194, 196, 258

shown on map33, 185


Montrose, Canadian Pacific liner82–83

Moonta, steamship197, 215

Moore Islandsee East Moore Island

Moore, Captain, Insizwa62

Moore, Doug51–52, 66, 227, 238–239

Moore, George Fletcher94

Moore, Newton45

Morberg, Captain of Glenbank70

Mort’s Dock, Sydney Harbour72


Moss, Matthew Lewis, barrister

Marloo inquest, 1897173–174

Koombana inquiry, 1912235–242, 248

Mount Blaze, Western Australia126, 244

Mount Magnet, Western Australia107

Moxon, William E.1–2, 7, 12, 56–57, 69, 114, 120, 189–190

Mozel, pearling lugger293

Muiron Islands, Western Australia31, 137

shown on map33

Mulholland, Koombana wireless operator84

Murchison goldfields93

Murchison River, Western Australia226, 276

murder trial, Rex v. Seleno & Cappelli, 1912257–259

Murdoch, Captain John167–168

Muriel, schooner188, 202–206

Murphy, John (Jack), Koombana passenger227

Murphy, John, Carnarvon Hotel manager263

Murphy, Leah (née Asher)227

Murphy, Matthew255

Mystery, cutter34, 36


Nabos (or Naboo), Victor306–308

Nagga Nitsia, Clara crew member159

Namban, schooner49

Napier Downs Station78, 224, 275



Aboriginalsee Aborigines, Australian

Afghan41–42, 103

Chinese26–27, 42, 64, 103, 187, 192–193, 294, 296

English214–215, 218–221, 223–224, 226, 228


Greek153, 155

Irish212, 214, 217

Italian252–253, 257, 259

Japanese46, 103, 132, 159, 266, 294, 296

Koepanger (Timorese)266



Malay34, 123, 159, 162, 221, 230, 266

Norwegian149, 158, 163

Scottish209, 212, 214–215

Swedish212–213, 218


Naturaliste Channel, Western Australia

shown on map29

Nautical Magazine145

navigational marks13–14, 24

Neave, Ethel “Le Neve”82–84

Nelson, H.M.V.S.169


New Moon, pearling lugger308

New York City143, 176

Newcastle, New South Wales177


Broome Chronicle244, 293

Daily News (Perth, WA)1–2, 57, 81

Dampier Despatch (Broome, WA)308

Evening Mail (Fremantle, WA)7

Geraldton Guardian13

L’Aurore (The Dawn), French magazine289–290

Los Angeles Times80

Northern Public Opinion142

Perth Gazette and West Australian Times122

The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA)251–252, 257

The Argus (Melbourne)85–86, 169, 288, 300–301

The Hedland Advocate3, 39–44, 117–118, 241–243, 245–248, 250, 294–295

The New York Times75

The Northern Times (Carnarvon, WA)69–70, 104, 162, 201, 203–204, 241, 263–265, 271

The Register (Adelaide, SA)73–74

The Sun (Sydney)306

The Sunday Times (Perth, WA)121, 193–194, 201, 229, 242, 247, 270–271, 277–278

The Sydney Morning Herald61, 176, 316–317

The West Australian26–27, 29, 36, 49–50, 76–77, 101–102, 106–107, 110–111, 113, 123–124, 160, 193–195, 227, 259–260, 272, 276, 279–280, 287, 309–311

The Western Australian Catholic Record93

The Western Mail (Perth, WA)93, 106, 160–162, 215, 312–313, 316

Truth (Perth, WA)295–297, 315

Newton, Hall, English sailor, Crown of England156

Nickol Bay Settlementsee North-West Settlement

Ninety Mile Beachsee Eighty Mile Beach

Nishioka, Y.321

Noonkanbah Station51, 224

Nor’-West life

deceptive wealth9–10

rapid progress9

seasonal migration9–10, 203

Nor’-West mail contract10, 249

Nor’-West Mercantile Company132

Nor’-West shipping

challenges72, 178–179

scarcity of fresh water190

Norlin, Carl212–213

Norman, Hugh D., Broome mayor189

Normanton, Queensland221

North Shields, England214

North West Cape, Western Australia31–32, 137, 179

shown on map33

North-West Settlement, Western Australia34–35

Northam, Western Australia225

Northern Monarch, full-rigged iron ship166


Nullagine, Western Australia267


Ocean Steam Ship Companysee Blue Funnel Line

Odman, Captain Olaf137, 142–143, 146

Offord, Henry212–213

O’Halloran, Reverend318

‘Old Bailey’, London criminal court84

Olmsted, Denison143

O’Loughlin, Thomas212

Olsen, Captain Martin153–154, 156

Olsen, Louis107

Olsen, O., Koombana fireman212–213

One Arm Point, Western Australia

shown on map47

Onslow, Western Australia

cyclone, February 1893127

approach to137

Ashburton Roads258

cyclone, April 190933–34

description of33

exposed anchorage137

jetty at Beadon Point264–265

lack of port facilities263–265

Mechanics’ Institute33

Peake’s Temperance Hotel33

relocation of264–265

Rob Roy Hotel33

shown on map33

uncertain future32

opal mining292

Ophir, royal yacht174–175

optical illusion14

Ord River Station51

Ord River, Western Australia

shown on map51

Orient Line76–77

Orissa famine, Bengal121

Orontes, Orient liner12

Orotava, Orient liner78

Oruba, Orient liner176

Otranto, Orient liner76–78, 81, 84

Overall, Mary (née Scougall)225–226

Owen, Captain of Sabine63


P. & O. Line76, 84

Padbury, Walter34–35

Pandora, H.M.S., cruiser61

Pappastatis, Nicholas153

Pardoo Station244


Parker, Frank235–238, 240

Parkes, Captain F. L.235

Paroo, steamship193, 197, 210, 245, 257–258, 299, 302

Paton, Mr & Mrs, at Condon129–130

Patrick, Reverend William240, 245

Peacock, F. S., Koombana officer208

Pearl Pass, Western Australia

shown on map47

Pearl, schooner36

pearling industry

Aboriginal divers123, 125–126

advent of diving dress125–126

and White Australia policy294–295, 297

conditions on luggers272–273

divers’ paralysis271–273, 297

diving fatalities271–272, 295, 297

indentured foreign labour295–296

market for shell271

migration of industry36, 125

pearl trading301

profitability27, 45–46, 292, 294

Roebuck Bay36

Shark Bay25–28

shell price fluctuations8, 45


appraisal of value313–315

art of pearl cleaning307, 320–325

colour and ‘orient’314

fickleness of market314–315

hiding places312, 319

hierarchy based on shape313–314

largest ever found312–313

profitability of trading315

‘snide’ dealing306, 311–312, 323–324

theft of306, 308, 323–324

units of size and weight313

Pearson, Captain William Robin227, 245, 274

Pearson, R. Koombana passenger223

Penguin Deeps, Western Australia

shown on map51

Penguin Island, southern Indian Ocean65

Penguin, government steamer188–189

Penola, South Australia208, 218

Pentonville Prison, London84

Persic, White Star liner76


Phillips, Roy53

Phillipstein, Muriel (“Min”)298

Phillipstein, Reverend Phillip297–298

photography17, 215

Picquart, Lieutenant Colonel289

Piddington, Henry146

Pigott, Jane (née Skamp)219, 227–228

Pigott, Stanley Pash273

Pigott, Sydney Capel194, 219, 273, 302

Pilbara railway10, 37, 39–40, 42

Pilbarra, steamship72

Pill, Somerset227

Pinctada albina (Shark Bay pearl oyster)25

Pingelly, Western Australia223

Piper, Alfred Charles (Ally)222, 274

Piper, George222, 274

Pitchford, Mr, of Carnarvon31

Pitsikas, John156

Point Samson, Western Australia

jetty planned and built36

tramway to Roebourne37, 265–267

first auction of town land38–39

jetty damage predicted38

jetty damage, March 1912163, 259, 265–267

repair of Bullarra, March 1912190

Point Torment, Western Australia47–48


Poondina, Western Australia269

Poor, William223

Pope Leo XIII115

Port Adelaide59, 166, 208, 211

Port Darwinsee Darwin

Port Hedland, Western Australia

cyclone, March 1912163

description of40

drought 1911–14267–269

engagement with Koombana267

first arrival of Koombana39

Koombana inquiry235, 237, 240–248

news of Koombana disaster200–202

pearling industry301, 324

Pilbara railway10, 66, 238–239, 267

sandbar39, 65

school strike, March 1914268

shown on map33, 185

tidal port11, 39, 65, 177–178

water depth indication181

Port Pirie, South Australia177

Portland, Victoria168

Possession Island65

Potts Point, Sydney301

Premier of Western Australia

1890–1901see Forrest, John

1904–1905see Daglish, Henry

1906–1910see Moore, Newton

1911–1916see Scaddan, John

Price, Florence Lucy (Florrie)228–229

Prince Edward Island65

Princess Mary, pearling lugger293

Protectionist Party115

Purcell, W. W.222

Purkiss, William Morton317

Pyramid Hill, Victoria223



Queen Victoria27


Aboriginals Protection and Restriction of the Sale of Opium Act 190195

loss of Yongala71, 249–250

Yongala inquiry239, 248


Quinlan, Richard C.225

Quinlan, Thomas A.225


Radcliffe-Brown, Alfred106–111

Ralston’s Stability & Trim Indicator237

Rankin, Captain James237–238

Ranson, Captain Joseph Barlow75

Rantzau, Captain T. Brandt204

rats262–263, 269

Rea, Harry A.213

Redfield, William143–144

Reece, T., shearer aboard Koombana225

Rees, Captain John

exchange of ships with Tom Allen72, 177

Koombana grounding, Shark Bay, 190913–24

Koombana incidents 1909–1155–58, 66, 68–70, 72, 238–239

master of Koombana, 1909–1112, 13–24

Reid, William144–146

Rennes, Brittany, France291

Reno, Nevada80

Republic, White Star liner74–75

Reuters news agency75

Reynolds, Stanley Warwick217

Richardson, Captain E.193–194, 197, 210, 257–258

Ritchie Reefsee Tryall Rocks

Riverina, steamship120

‘roaring forties’, winds166–167

Rob Roy, coastal steamer249

Robison & Norman, Broome merchants273

Rockingham, Western Australia165

Rodriquez, Filomeno (“Pat”)90

Roebourne, Western Australia

shown on map33

devastating cyclone, March 1872121–123

cyclone precautions124

gaol37, 42, 257, 259

arrival of Bin Ahmat, March 1912162

trial of Seleno and Cappelli163, 257–259

shown on map185

Roebuck Bay, Western Australia36, 44, 125

Rogers, Tom, of Cossack314

Romans, George Henry (“Vindex”), journalist

on Nor’-West life25, 53

on Nor’-West pioneers28

flood-prone Carnarvon29

North West Cape sea change31–32

early history of Nor’-West ports32

description of Onslow33

decline of Roebourne37

vulnerability of Point Samson jetty38

observations of Port Hedland39–40

first impression of Broome44

tidal races of Kimberley coast47

first impression of Derby48

fertility and prosperity of Derby49–50

seasonal migration of population52–53

on ‘the native question’101–102

at the ‘lock hospitals’104–106

Ronan, Denis James (Jim)78–79, 224, 274

Ronan, Julia78

Ronan, Thomas Matthew (Tom)47–48, 78–79, 274–275

Rose, cutter131–132

Rose, pearling lugger308

roseate pearl

discovery of306–307

descriptions of307

cleaning of307, 320–325

murder of Mark Liebglid306, 309–310

execution of Hagen, Espada and Marquez318–319

deaths linked to319–320

lost with Koombana?324

“Rosie”, Aboriginal patient, Bernier Island105

Roth, Walter Edmund95–99, 101

Rouse, A., Cossack131

Rowley Shoals, Western Australia127, 184, 188, 191

shown on map33, 185

royal commissions

condition of Aborigines, 1904-595–99

conduct of pearling industry, 1912–16269–270, 273–274

management of State Steamship Service, 1913280–281

meat supply, 1908276

Royal Institution73

royal visit, 1900174–175

Rubin, Mark133, 291–293, 297, 302–303, 315, 322

Ruby, pearling cutter36

Rushcutter Bay, Sydney79

Russell, Father, Broome Catholic priest309


Sabine, steamship63

Sable Island, Western Australia

shown on map150

Sack family51

Sack, Louise Caroline227–228, 274

Sailor’s Horn-Book... (Piddington)146

Saladin, steamship128–129

Salkilld, Arthur Thomas216–217

Salter, Elizabeth94

Salvado, Bishop94

Samson, Michael34

Samson’s Pointsee Point Samson

Sandover & Company129

Sandstone, Western Australia107–108

Sargood’s, Melbourne firm301

“Saul the Jew”see Katzenellenbogen, Saul

Saunders, A. T.268

Saunders, Alfred244

Sawyer, Claude61

Scaddan, John

elected Premier, 1911264

Koombana search188–189, 195–196

Koombana inquiry240

Aboriginal labour restrictions275

rising State debt267–268

beef freezing works, Wyndham277–278

Scanlon, Hugh159

Scanlon, James159

Scanlon, Michael J.159

Schah Jehan, barque165, 174


public respect for146

Scordese, John153

Scougall, Robert225–226

sea snakes20, 32

seal hunting77

Sealby, Captain William Inman74–75

secession, talk of275

Seleno, Joseph252–260

Semaphore, South Australia208

Sept-fons, French monastery89

Seymour, Lieutenant63

Shark Bay, Western Australia

desolation of25

cyclone, February 1839121

eviction of Chinese, 188627

cyclone, February 1893128

Koombana grounding, March 190913–24, 39, 55, 57–58, 69

moon and tides16, 19

prevailing winds15, 20, 22

pearling industry25–28, 301

pearling association26–27

no deepwater jetty324

shown on map29


Shelmerdine, Dr Joseph Caton255–258

Shepherd, Jack126–127

Shi Raata, Clara crew member159

Shiels, Andrew (Andy)225

ship design

anxiety regarding249–250

innovative Echunga176

stability principles237–238

Sholl, Robert122–123

Siasconset, Nantucket Island74–75

Siebe Gorman & Company220–221, 270–271, 302

Sigismund III Vasa, of Sweden287–288

Simpson, Amelia227

Simpson, George Nicolas226–227, 302

Singapore41, 46, 50, 187, 275, 279, 295

Skamp, Alice Beatrice219–220

Skamp, Genevieve Callanan (Jennie)220

Slade, S. H.224

Slavin, James151

Sleeman, H. R.158

Smith, Benjamin (Ben)229

Smith, H., Koombana steward215

Smith, Jack, Koombana fireman211–212

Smith, manager, Charles Moore & Company31

Smith, Patrick224

Smith, William (Will), nephew of Jim Ronan224, 274–275

Smith, William, Koombana passage worker225

Smuggler, pearling lugger127

Solitary Island, Western Australia244

Solitary Islands, New South Wales213

song: “I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now?”162

Sorata, sail-and-steam liner169

South Africa

support for third Waratah search63

South Australian, steamship128–129

Spark, J. D. (Dean)227, 274

Spencer, Sydney226

Spencer, Walter Baldwin106

Springfield, Victoria227

Sree Pas Sair, schooner89, 91, 127

St Elmo’s Fire, electrical phenomenon165

St Lawrence River82

Stanley, Charles Herbert (Charlie)213

Stanley, Herbert Bertie (Bert)217–218

State Steamship Service, Western Australia

petitions for278–279

first vessels279

government objective281–282

early difficulties279–281

financial position279–281

royal commission into280–281



stateroom doorsee Gorgon, steamship/discovery of Koombana wreckage

Steady, lighter149–155

Steep Point, Western Australia

shown on map29

Stewart, Sidney Graham213

Stirling, Scotland214

storm centre or ‘eye’

Spanish El ojo139

stillness within138

sea conditions within138–139, 161–162

birds trapped within140–141

appearance of sky139–140

appearance of ‘eye wall’140

dangerous exit from140

storms at sea

Black Nymph, South China Sea, 1842145

Marmion, U.S. Atlantic coast, 1849139–140

Schah Jehan, Cape Northumberland, 1862165

Nan-Shan (fictional), South China Sea139–140

S.S. Albany, Western Australia, 1897137–142

S.S. Albany, Western Australia, 1898142

S.S. Albany, Western Australia, 1899142–143

Bullarra, Western Australia, March 1912160–162

Board of Trade examinations146

distraction from peril141, 162

evasive strategy144

John Macnab’s ‘catechism’146, 193–194

metaphor of nature’s fury140–141

Redfield’s theory143

Reid’s storm strategy144–146

steaming to anchors161

stokehold and engine room141–142, 162

the Law of Storms143–146


use of oil to pacify sea161

Straits Steamship Company208

Streaky Bay, South Australia67

Strickland, Sir Gerald107

Stuart, Captain Charles Browne221, 302

Stud Station52

Success, Shark Bay lighter14–15, 22

Sudholz, Walter279–281

Suez Canal76

Sultan, steamship197

Sunday Island, Western Australia

shown on map47

Sunday Strait, Western Australia46

shown on map47

Sunshine Harvester Company115

Surabaya189, 191

Suva, steamship114

Swan Island, Western Australia

shown on map47

Swansea, England215

Sydney58, 69, 72, 78–80, 84


Tagalog, Filipino dialect311, 318–319

Taiping Rebellion, China121

Tanna, New Hebrides67

Taylor, A. S.223

Taylor, George95

Taylor, Thomas212

Teetulpa, South Australia170

Tekapo, steamship171

Telefunken (wireless telegraphy company)85


Termonfeckin, Drogheda, Ireland214, 217

The Shark, schooner109

“the Una location”204

Thompson, A. S., Cossack132

Thompson, Robert McGregor151–152, 156

Thornton, Walter Clifford225

Thursday Island221, 273

tidal wavesee cyclones/storm surge


spring and neap tides11, 19, 177–178

extreme tides91, 215

tidal races47

at Shark Bay16, 19

at Condon43

at Broome44

at Derby48

Tien Tsin Harbour, Western Australia34–35

Tien Tsin, barque34

Timmins, Isaac, Enterprise passenger153

Tindale, Edward264–265

Toniko Toko, pearling lugger308, 311–312

Tottenham, steamship64, 69

Townley, Captain Peter187, 191–193, 197, 200

Townsville, Queensland71




Roebourne-Samson-Cossack37–38, 265–267

Trans-Australian Railway93

tropical agriculture92, 261–262

Trower, Bishop Gerard287, 303

Truscott, Tom173–174

Tryall Rocks, Western Australia196

Tuckanarra, Western Australia223


Turin, Italy259

Turkey Creek, Western Australia52

Turner, Charles150–158

Turtle Islands, Western Australia243

turtles20, 32

Tutt, Walter218

Twelve Apostles, southern Indian Ocean65

Tyler, Captain of Komura213

Typhoon, novel by Joseph Conrad139–140, 146–147

Tyson, James S.222


Ulbricht, Gustav307–308

Una, small coastal steamer195, 204, 264

Union Cold Storage Company277

Union-Castle Line59, 63, 214–215




Unmack, Frank G., solicitor113

Upjohn, Captain Harry160–161, 190, 202–203, 205, 236–237, 239–240, 243, 247–248

Uranie, French corvette25


Vallianos, master of Enterprise152–153

Vasey, Maurice226

Verulam, old ‘clipper’ ship170


Vile, William E. (Billy)224

“Vindex”see Romans, George Henry

Voladora, pearling lugger244


Wagin, Western Australia225, 227

Waikato, steamship63

Wakefield, steamship63–65

Walker, Charles Gilbert Shaw (Charlie)218

Wallal, Western Australia307

Wallaroo, South Australia170

war, outbreak of273–274

Waratah, Blue Anchor liner

and Koombana, parallels59–60

design59–60, 249–250

disappearance of59, 84

speculation regarding61, 63

search by Royal Navy cruisers61

bodies seen floating62–64, 69

false report of sighting62

search by Sabine63

search by Wakefield63–65

message-in-a-bottle hoaxes66–67

Board of Trade inquiry, London69, 71

reports of instability61, 69

inquiry finding71

Ward, Captain J. L.194

Wardlaw, Edward215

Warton, Michael S., Broome magistrate309

Wassell, Albert209

Water Lily, pearling cutter36

Watson, Elliot Grant107–110

Webber, William271–272

Webster, chief warder, Fremantle Gaol319

Weir, Captain Alexander59

Weld, Sir Frederick Aloysius35

Wentworth Hotel, Sydney301

West Moore Island, Western Australia

shown on map150

“West Pilbarra”, district36

Western Australia (formerly Mongolia), steamship279

Westport, New Zealand64


Whim Creek, Western Australia

copper mining70, 149

miner’s strike, 1911251–252

cultural issues251

Federal Hotel affray, December 1911149, 253–256, 258

Whim Creek Hotel253–254

police station256

funeral, Thomas Darlington257

Whim Well Copper Mining Company149, 158, 251–252, 259

white antssee termites

White Australia policy39–42, 74, 266–267, 270–274

dictation test for ‘undesirables’260

White Cliffs, New South Wales292

White Rose of York175

White Star Line74–76, 82

White, Robert J.188

Wild Wave, schooner123

Williams, Kate (a.k.a. “Vulcana”)83

Williamstown, Victoria168–169

Wilson, Constable John96–98

Wilson, Fred, Koombana crewman214

Wilson, H., Cossack132

Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria67

Winfield, steamship19–24, 177

Winpenny, F. J. (Joe)215

Winsloe, Commodore Alfred L.175

wireless telegraphy

as scientific wonder73, 76, 85–86

spectacular rise of73–86

Republic rescue, 190974–75

CQD distress message74

‘Wireless Ship Act’, USA, 191075, 84

progress on land73, 84

progress at sea74–78, 84

progress in Australia76, 84–85

Johnson-Jeffries fight, 191080–81

arrest of Hawley Crippen, 191082–84

Marconi company73, 76–77, 84–85

British ‘Parker Judgment’85

Marconi v. Australian Government85

Amalgamated Wireless Australasia85

Koombana’s Marconi installation84, 192–193

Wood, Major, Resident Magistrate, Broome189

Woodlupine, Western Australia214, 225

wool industry28, 50–51, 263–264, 283

Woolbeck, George126–127

Wooramel River, Western Australia262–263

Worbey, Annie218

Workington, England149

Wraxall, Somerset226


Wright, Mrs, of Geraldton225

Wyndham, Western Australia

beef processing facility276–278

cattle port191

description of50

effect of Koombana strike, 1911179



nearness to Asia50

‘night life’51


shown on map51

summer storm, February 191171

terminus port72

voyage from Derby50



Yalobia, Western Australia263

Yama Cooa, Clara crew member159

Yaringa, Western Australia263

Yates, Captain J. W. W.235

Yee Ah Chun, of Broome308

Yongala, steamship

former members of crew158, 208

Marconi apparatus ordered84

disappearance of71, 179, 239, 248–250

wreckage found71

inquiry into loss of248

Yorkshire, England215

Youanmi, Western Australia229

youth wage118


Zola, Émile, French writer290–291