Agnes, schooner123

Albany, steamship

conversion from Claud Hamilton, 1885141


narrow escape, 1897137–142

narrow escape, 1898142

narrow escape, 1899142–143

Alert, tug71

Allinga, steamship283–285

Alto, topsail schooner307–308

Amy, schooner36

Arafura, pearling lugger221

Assam, steamship169

Aurora, pearling lugger244

Australind, steamship127


Baltic, White Star liner75

Beagle, steamship131–132

Bell, sailing ship221

Black Nymph, sailing ship145

Britannia, pearling lugger159, 163

Bullarra, steamship

arrival in Western Australia, 1900146

at Port Hedland, March 20th, 1912179–182


discovery of Koombana wreckage203

Nor’-West service 1913–15284–285

replaced by Koombana7

role in Koombana search190, 195–196, 202–203

storm at sea, March 1912160–162, 187, 190, 239–240, 258–259

stranded by tide at Broome45

transport of Aboriginal prisoners42

Buninyong, steamship171

Burrumbeet, steamship57


Charon, steamship41, 65, 268, 300

City of Benares, ship166

City of Madras, ship166

City of Ningpo, ship166

Clan McIntyre, steamship59

Clara, pearling lugger159

Claud Hamilton, sail-rigged steamship141

Cleopatra, pearling lugger307–308

Clyo, lighter150–152, 155–156

Concordia, iron barque149, 152, 155–156

Constance, pearling lugger187

Contest, barque165

Coorong, steamship174

Crown of England, iron barque

brief history149

destruction of, March 1912152–155


burial of the dead158

survival of Martin Olsen154

survival of Matthias Holst154

Croydon, steamship131

Cuzco, barque-rigged passenger steamer166–169


Dawn, schooner36, 127

Dona Matilda, pearling lugger244


Echunga, cargo steamship176–177, 209

Elsie, pearling lugger244

Emma, schooner121

Encounter, H.M.S.213

Enterprise, schooner153

Eos, pearling lugger221

Ethel, schooner124

Eurus, pearling lugger271

Experience, pearling lugger293


Ferret, steamship215

Flinders, steamship128–129

Florence Hadley Harvey, cutter127

Florida, Lloyd Italiano liner75

Florizel, seal-hunting steamer77

Forte, H.M.S., cruiser61


Gem, small steamer169

Glenbank, iron barque70–71, 160

Gorgon, steamship

role in Koombana search187, 189, 191, 199–203

discovery of Koombana wreckage199–201, 267

popularity after Koombana284

Gothic, Aberdeen liner214

Grantala, steamship11, 84, 158, 208

Guelph, Union-Castle liner59


Harriet, schooner36, 131

Hermes, H.M.S., cruiser61, 63


Innamincka, steamship214, 218

Insizwa, Hall-Russell liner62–63, 69


Jessie, schooner126–127

Junee, cattle steamer176, 212, 214


Kalander Bux, schooner133

Kanowna, steamship299

Karoola, steamship116, 214

Karrakatta, pearling lugger159, 163

Karrakatta, steamship89

Kate, pearling lugger124–125

Komura, steamship213

Kooki, pearling cutter244


Aboriginal repatriations31, 49, 53, 111–112

and the roseate pearl305, 322, 324–325

and Waratah, parallels59–60

and Yongala, parallels239, 248

at Broome134–135

at Port Hedland, March 19th, 1912324

captain’s cabin208

cargo capacity9, 11

cattlemen’s quarters218–219, 224

choice of name11

choice of shipbuilder11

considered unlucky58

deck games16–17

deck structure6

design10–11, 59–60

difficulties, Geraldton57

difficulties, Port Hedland177–182

disappearance of163, 302

discovery of wreckage195, 199–204

distress message, possibility of187, 192–193

draft at Port Hedland246–247

dry-docked, July-August 191172

dry-docked, June-July 190958

electrical appliances4–6, 48–49

engagement with Nor’-West ports267, 274–275

engineers’ cabins208–210

final departure, March 20th, 1912179–182, 243–248

firemen’s quarters211–213

firemen’s strike, November 1911113–120, 178, 210–211, 213, 217, 279

first arrival, Geraldton13

first arrival, Onslow32–34

first arrival, Port Hedland39

first departure for the Nor’-West12

first impressions of1–6

fodder fire, January 191170

Gantheaume Point incident, April 190955–56, 58

identifying the missing, 1912207

inquiry finding242

inquiry into disappearance of235–250

insurance settlement282–283

interior appointments2–4, 39

management of water ballast177–179, 182–184, 236–237, 246

Marconi wireless apparatus72, 84, 192–193

motor launch16, 18, 21–22

news of disaster200–204

officers’ cabins208

prisoners, March 20th, 1912230


railway iron as ballast238–239

replacement, question of261, 283

seamen’s quarters211, 213–214

search for, 1912187–206, 259

service to Wyndham50, 53

shallow draft11

Shark Bay grounding, March 190913–24, 55

shearers lost with ship224–226

social debut56

social hall15–16


speculation regarding fate of191–194, 203–204, 242, 250

squall, Depuch Island, February 191066, 238–239

stability11, 65–66, 237–239, 242, 249–250

stewards’ quarters214–217

storm, Wyndham, February 191171

superiority to competition39

the case for building7–10

tides and schedule177–178

‘too good for the trade’1, 66

tribute to those lost207–230

wool fire, October 191068–69

Kurnalpi, steamship114

Kwinana (formerly Darius), steamship279–280, 282

Kyarra, steamship114


Largo Law, steamship57

Laurentic, White Star liner82

Lily of the Lake, schooner123


Macedonia, P. & O. liner76, 81

McLhennan, pearling lugger188

Maggie Gollan, schooner131–132

Marere, steamship60–61

Marloo, steamship171–174, 211, 215

Marmion, sailing ship139–140

Meeinderry, small coastal steamer169–170

Mercury, Port Adelaide mailboat174

Mina, pearling lugger188, 195

Minderoo, steamship

role in Koombana search189, 194, 196, 201–203

discovery of Koombana wreckage201–202

popularity after Koombana284

deportation of Joseph Seleno260

Minilya, steamship78, 197

Mist, derelict schooner309–310

Moa, pearling lugger293

Moira, cattle steamer189, 191, 194

Montrose, Canadian Pacific liner82–83

Moonta, steamship197, 215

Moore Islandsee East Moore Island

Mozel, pearling lugger293

Muriel, schooner188, 202–206

Mystery, cutter34, 36


Namban, schooner49

Nelson, H.M.V.S.169

New Moon, pearling lugger308

Northern Monarch, full-rigged iron ship166


Ophir, royal yacht174–175

Orontes, Orient liner12

Orotava, Orient liner78

Oruba, Orient liner176

Otranto, Orient liner76–78, 81, 84


Pandora, H.M.S., cruiser61

Paroo, steamship193, 197, 210, 245, 257–258, 299, 302

Pearl, schooner36

Penguin, government steamer188–189

Persic, White Star liner76

Pilbarra, steamship72

Princess Mary, pearling lugger293



Republic, White Star liner74–75

Riverina, steamship120

Rob Roy, coastal steamer249

Rose, cutter131–132

Rose, pearling lugger308

Ruby, pearling cutter36


Sabine, steamship63

Saladin, steamship128–129

Schah Jehan, barque165, 174

Smuggler, pearling lugger127

Sorata, sail-and-steam liner169

South Australian, steamship128–129

Sree Pas Sair, schooner89, 91, 127

Steady, lighter149–155

Success, Shark Bay lighter14–15, 22

Sultan, steamship197

Suva, steamship114


Tekapo, steamship171

The Shark, schooner109

Tien Tsin, barque34

Toniko Toko, pearling lugger308, 311–312

Tottenham, steamship64, 69


Una, small coastal steamer195, 204, 264

Uranie, French corvette25


Verulam, old ‘clipper’ ship170

Voladora, pearling lugger244


Waikato, steamship63

Wakefield, steamship63–65

Waratah, Blue Anchor liner

and Koombana, parallels59–60

design59–60, 249–250

disappearance of59, 84

speculation regarding61, 63

search by Royal Navy cruisers61

bodies seen floating62–64, 69

false report of sighting62

search by Sabine63

search by Wakefield63–65

message-in-a-bottle hoaxes66–67

Board of Trade inquiry, London69, 71

reports of instability61, 69

inquiry finding71

Water Lily, pearling cutter36

Western Australia (formerly Mongolia), steamship279

Wild Wave, schooner123

Winfield, steamship19–24, 177



Yongala, steamship

former members of crew158, 208

Marconi apparatus ordered84

disappearance of71, 179, 239, 248–250

wreckage found71

inquiry into loss of248