23["Notes from the Nor'-West", The West Australian, Tuesday 28 March 1882, page 3]


6th February, 1882.

The Ruby, cutter, arrived at Cossack on the 28th ulto. Arrangements were at once made for her to return direct to Fremantle, as soon as she had discharged, touching en route at the Western pearling ground, somewhat to the Eastward of Exmouth Gulf. She accordingly took in a cargo of shells, and sailed for her destination on the night of the 31st ulto. The reason, why she was started so quickly was that favourable news had been received from the Eastern boats. Mr. M. Price came to Cossack in the Water Lily on the 24th ulto, with a cargo of shells from the Eastward, and reported that the five vessels in that direction, viz: the Dawn, Amy, Harriet, Water Lily, and the Pearl had all done well; the Dawn getting from 25 to 28 tons, the Amy 20 tons, the Water Lily l8 tons, the Harriet 13 tons, and the Pearl 5 tons. Another boat, the Mystery, came from the Eastward with only one ton, but she had not fallen in with the lucky craft. The exact spot is kept a secret, but it is generally believed to be in the neighbourhood of Roebuck Bay.