26["Nor'-West Ports" (Letter to the Editor), The West Australian, Tuesday 05 July 1910, page 2]


To th Editor.

Sir,--Having read the above article in your issue of June 28, and this being a public matter, I hope you will permit me to point out some of the inaccuracies contained in that article when dealing with the town of Cossack and Point Sampson. I think it only fair that both sides should be heard on this subject. The writer says at Point Sampson a little town is in course of erection, and that such "buildings" at Cossack as are removable are being removed to Point Sampson, while the inhabitants are deserting Cossack for the so-called new town. Now, Sir, I give these statements direct denial and will go further. If the writer can prove these statements I will give 100 to be distributed to Perth charities. The writer of this article also states that the two publicans at Cossack are only awaiting a transfer of their licences to Point Sampson, and that Cossack is preparing for death. Allow me to state that neither of the publicans have applied for a transfer of licence, and have no intention of doing so as far as I know. If the writer imagines Cossack has become a "superfluity" he should visit there about the month of October or November, when the pearling luggers are in then he would be chagrined to find it very much alive. In regard to a "township" being formed at Point Sampson, this is another erroneous statement. With the exception of a small wooden structure built for an office and the Government tram goods shed, not a single dwelling has been erected there, and there is no indication of anyone preparing to remove to the so-called "town." Is the writer not aware that there is no water fit for human consumption at Point Sampson? Possibly the Government contemplates squandering a few more thousands on a water scheme. The Government were led to believe that as soon as the new tram service was connected with the jetty at that open roadstead, the copper mines in the back country would make the line pay, and the people would erect business buildings and dwellings at Point Sampson. What are the results? There is less copper ore turned out now, and the mine which the tram service was supposed to benefit has two men working on it as tributers. What a fiasco after the tram service has been running 18 months. One of the best "town lots" at Point Sampson was submitted to auction at the first land sale in Roebourne, and although it was open for any bidder it was knocked down to a Chinaman for 31. If this is an indication of the value of Point Sampson "town lots" comment is needless. I hope when "Vindex" writes again he will use his own judgment and adhere to facts. In spite of the treatment Cossack has received from the present Government it will be a "town" when the Point Sampson jetty will be lying under the sea after the first cyclone strikes it fully.--Yours, etc., J. H. ELLERY. Perth, July 4.