30["Passing Notes", The Hedland Advocate (Port Hedland, WA), Saturday 27 February 1909]

Passing Notes


Two Afghans left Hedland for Singapore on Saturday by the Charon. By the same boat three Chinamen left for Broome, the latter forming part of a large contingent of loafing Celestials in Hedland who have been notified by the Hedland police that they must leave. It is pleasing to note that the local police are taking a commendable course, and the Broome "Chronicle" will have the pleasure, if it wishes, of chronicling a Broome welcome to many more Celestials of the same kidney as the two now enjoying the freedom given them in Broome. The Afghans are two of the five we referred to recently, and no-one is more pleased to see their backs than the local Customs officer. The police are now on a track in which they will be backed up by every decent resident, and they will be commended if they extend such favors to a few whites who owe money all over the place and won't work when work is offered to them.