35["The Passing of Condon", The Hedland Advocate (Port Hedland, WA), Saturday 09 December 1911]

The Passing of Condon

Old residents of Pilbarra have had their minds thrown back through the vista of years by one happening at Monday's Licensing Court--there was no application for a renewal of the solitary wayside house license at Condon. At one time Condon boasted of the best-stocked stores in the Nor'-West, when fully licensed and unlicensed hotels did a roaring trade, steamers called, a large number of teamsters plied between the port and the inland fields, and quantities of wool annually left there. The place was so flourishing that in Sir John Forrest's halcyon days a large sum of money was voted and plans prepared for building a huge jetty, but (tell it not in Gath!) the residents petitioned against it. Port Hedland was opened up, to Condon's ruination--it will not now support a sly-grog shop. Vale Condon!