23["Storm at Carnarvon and Sharks Bay", The West Australian, Monday 27 February 1893, page 6]




(By Telegraph.)

From our Correspondent.)

Carnarvon, Feb. 25.

It is blowing a heavy gale from the Eastward, accompanied by rain; half an-inch has fallen so far. The barometer is still falling. The reading at present is 29.37. Fears are entertained that a heavy storm is approaching. No damage has been done so far. The lighters are dragging. It is reported that the river is running past Neerindie, and it is expected to reach the sea to-morrow.

Carnarvon, Feb. 26.

A destructive gale was experienced here on the 26th instant. The wind began to rise abont 10 a.m. from the Eastward, accompanied with light showers of rain. At noon it had increased to a stiff breeze with heavy rain. It steadily increased during the afternoon, the wind veering from East to N.N.E. The gale apparently reached its highest force at midnight The barometer before and during the continuance of the blow read very low, reaching 29.30. On Sunday morning the town presented a wrecked appearance. With few exceptions every building was more or less damaged. The greatest amount of damage in the town is at the Port Hotel, but the houses in the suburbs suffered still more. Mr. Marriott's late residence was severely damaged, as also were the residences of Messrs. Campbell and Massingham. The mission-house is greatly injured. The town and the outskirts are literally bestrewn with debris. Sheets of iron were in some cases carried a quarter of a mile. In another case half a roof was carried a considerable distance. Several narrow escapes are reported, but no ono has been seriously injured. Mr. Beaton's lighter Pioneer dragged her anchor and went out to seaward, and has not yet been recovered.

The wind is now blowing fresh from the North-west but I think the blow is over. During the night several persons sought refuge in the Residency, while others took to the bush.

Reports from Sharks Bay state 20 boats were wrecked, and the tide extended up to the houses. Two inches and 5O points of rain fell.