45[Barker, Malcolm, The search for s.s. Koombana: seminar hosted by Maritime Archeological Association of Western Australia, Fremantle, 1983. Transcript: State Library of Western Australia, OH1241, Captain Upjohn's testimony discussed]

Scott Sledge said:

...from the testimony of the Bullarra's Captain keeping two things in mind -

(1) he had been an Officer of the Koombana

(2) he was also the Master of an Adelaide Steamship Company vessel.

And I suggest that they had good reason to not want any sort of doubt cast on the seaworthiness of their vessels.

Scott Sledge quotes from transcript of Court of Marine Inquiry:

[Court]"Have you formed any opinion as to what happened to the Koombana?"

[Upjohn] The only thing that I can think is that by the smashing I got, if she got the same she would have been smashed to pieces."

and comments:

Bear in mind that Koombana was a much larger and newer ship.


It seems to me that this is a very reticent witness...