46["A Story of the Koombana", Geraldton Guardian (WA), Tuesday 06 March 1923, page 4]


Every willy-willy season some new story anent the ill-fated Kbombana is related, and the number of people who just missed going to sea on that last terrible voyage increases. The latest story was recently published in the 'Harbor,' a New South Wales publication. The writer says that on March 21, 1912, the captain of the ill-fated vessel, while at Port Hedland, going north, had a consultation with the captain of the Bullara, which was also at Port Hedland, on her way south. late story about conv between captainsThe gist of the conservation has never before been published, says the "Harbor," but this is what took place:--

Captain Allen (Koombana): I do not like the look of the weather, Captain Upjohn: what do you intend doing?

Captain Upjohn (Bullara): I have made up my mind to go out, and your boat is a far better one than mine.

Captain Allen: Well, if you intend going out, l do not suppose it will do for me to stop here.

That settled it. Both boats put out to sea. The Koombana was lost, and the Bullara received a terrific buffeting, but managed to weather the storm.


A good yarn, to be kept at arm's length!