48["Loss of the Yongala", The Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 21 June 1911, page 15]



Brisbane, Tuesday.

The Marine Board delivered its finding regarding the loss of the Yongala to-day.


In regard to pig-iron ballast being placed in the vessel whilst in the West Australian trade and subsequently removed when the ship was transferred to the Queensland trade, it was explained by the general manager that this ballast, amounting to 164 tons, became unnecessary owing to cargo being obtainable both up and down the Queensland coast. A letter from Captain Knight to the Company at the time confirmed this view, and stated that the ship rolled less and was more comfortable in a seaway.


While it is both gratifying and reassuring that the vessel's stability and seaworthiness remain unassailable, and the competency and carefulness of Captain Knight unimpeachable, the Board, with no desire to indulge in idle speculation, simply finds that after becoming lost to view by the lightkeeper at Dent Island, the fate of the Yongala passes beyond human ken into the realms of conjecture to add one more to the long roll of mysteries of the sea.