18["Social Notes", Broome Chronicle (WA), Saturday 04 July 1908]

Cards of invitation were issued by Mr. and Miss Davis for an At Home at their residence "De Vahl," on the 24th June, and proved quite a social success. Guests were received by Mr. and Miss Davis from 8 to 8.30 at the main entrance of their beautiful home, and dancing was soon in full swing. The card tables were also well attended. An innovation was two Limericks, and a [? ...ut] guessing competition, for which prizes were given, and these were all won by visitors from south. In the programme of twelve dances were included two leap year dances and a slipper dance, which proved quite successful. Dancing was kept up until about 1.30, and the wide verandah around the house which made an excellent ballroom, was taxed to the utmost by the numerous visitors, who voted it a very smart affair.