23[Abraham de Vahl Davis, letter to his son Gerald, 04 April 1910, aboard Koombana, to mark the occasion of the boy's bar mitzvah, Original held by Graham de Vahl Davis, Sydney.]

S.S. "Koombana"

April 4 . 1910

My darling son,

I am writing these lines to reach you on your Bar Mitzvah. I am unable unfortunately, to be with you on the happy occasion, and I think you will understand how deeply I regret this. But my sincerest prayers will be offered to God, on that day, that He may crown you with His choicest gifts: a good heart, and a good name. To achieve these, you have but to follow humbly the Law which God gave to our ancestors in the olden days. Love and fear Him: fear and love Him. Commit all your thoughts to Him who alone is a true guide: meet all your troubles and pain with courage and contentment: for none can escape these, and only those can endure them who recognize that our Father in Heaven tries us, and in the end will reward our trust and faith. Be brave and true, my dear lad, in all your actions: do not soil your thoughts with aught unclean, nor your hands with any base acts. Be true & loyal to the faith of our fathers: to the race to which we belong. Do all your work with goodwill, earnestness, and sincerity; be gentle to all: kind and helpful to the aged, poor or suffering. Do not let selfishness or self indulgence claim you, but let justice be your watchword in all you do.

And I pray that the Grace of our Heavenly Father be with you; and that you may grow, from strength to strength in works of goodness, charity and truth. God be with you, my darling boy, and bless you throughout all your days! Amen and Amen!

Your loving father

Abraham Davis.